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How easy would it be to Marry my Egyptian b/f in Egypt?

Im divorced, so presumably have to provide proof of this, name change and wait the required 3 months...but can we have a religious ceremony (he is Muslim, I'm Christian) I read somewhere that it was quite a difficult procedure - is it easier to do it in the U. K?

Thanks for any guidance.

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it's not that difficult, the british embassy advise you on what you are supposed to do.

basically you will need proof of your divorce and that's it. you don't need to worry about changing your name.

it's probably easier in the UK just because you speak the language and our government is slightly...more organised!?!

The first step is to get permission from the british embassy to get married (very easy, you make an appointment in cairo for the following day and then sign a certificate) and then they give you instructions on what you should do next.

If you're not prepared to bribe government officials it will take a bit longer because you have to get residency in order to get married and the admin involved can take a little while.

If you have a religious ceremony (in theory this would be fine as there is no problems with a muslim man marrying a christian woman) this will be completely seperate from the bureaucratic side of things.

All details are given on the following Egyptian website:

You will need:
1. Proof of identity (a passport).
2. Proof of termination of any previous marriages. The original or certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate must be authenticated at an Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in the United States and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo. Alternatively, the divorce decree can be authenticated by the Secretary of State of the state where the decree was issued, this is then authenticated by the Department of State, Authentications Office (A/OPR/GSM/AUTH), 518 23rd Street, NW, SA-1 Columbia Plaza Washington, D.C. 20520.
3. Sworn statements of the parties involved that they are free to marry, and that they are of the Moslem, Christian, or Jewish faith. Interfaith marriages are permitted except in the case of a Moslem woman and a non-Moslem man.
4. A no-objection statement from the Embassy. NOTE: This is a formality required by the Egyptian government. It does not guarantee that the U.S. Embassy will issue an immigrant visa to an alien spouse.
The Embassy has devised an affidavit combining both the sworn statement of the party (no. 3 above) and the Embassy’s no-objection statement (no. 4 above). This affidavit is available from the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo (Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon), and must be notarized by a U.S. Consul.
(Notarial fees are listed on the Fees for Selected Consular Services).
The affidavit must then be certified at one of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Authentication offices before being taken to the Department of Justice’s marriage office.
5. Forms and questionnaires to be completed at the marriage court. These can only be obtained on the spot at the Department of Justice’s office of marriage on the wedding day or the day before. Applicants should have original versions and photocopies of all documents, as well as notarized Arabic translations for all documents not in the Arabic language. (Translation of documents from English into Arabic cannot be authenticated unless the originals were authenticated in the way described in item 2).
Any two male witnesses with identification documents (passport or I.D. card) must be present to sign the marriage documents. It might be better to have your own witnesses, such as a travel agent or a friend.
A woman is temporarily barred from marriage when she is in idda, the waiting period following divorce or death of the husband. Idda lasts four months and ten days for a widow, and approximately three months for a divorcee. After the idda the woman may remarry. This period is designed to ensure that she is not pregnant from her previous marriage.
A routine physical performed by an Egyptian doctor is sometimes required.
In addition to the notarial fee, fees to complete the marriage at the Ministry of Justice:
If both parties are Moslems, the fee is two percent of the dowry (not less than 40LE).
If both parties are Christians, a dowry is not required, and they will pay only 40-45LE.
Additional fees:
Translation fees, plus authentication fees if required.
The marriage certificate is recognized as a legal document in the United States and many other countries.
To use the Egyptian marriage certificate in the U.S., it should be translated into English by the Translation Office in the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, then authenticated by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also certified by a U.S. Consul.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Authentication Offices: Gameit el Dowal el Arabia Street, Mohandessin, Giza; Ahmed Said Street, Abbassia; or Sabak Street next to the Maryland Gardens in Heliopolis.
Civil Marriage Registration Office: Ministry of Justice Annex (Office of Marriage of Foreigners), 4th floor, Lazoughly Square, Abdin, Cairo. Open Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Thursday from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Ministry of Justice's translation office: Ministry of Justice Building, 13th floor, Lazoughly Square, Abdin, Cairo.
** It will take at least one week for a marriage certificate to be issued. This does not include translation.
** Marriage certificates should be picked up in person.

This for an American citizen but the rules must be the same for any person from other countries like UK or Australia.You simply have to get the documents and certification required authenticated by the authorities of the country where you are at present.
However it would definitely be easier in the UK.

Don't call me cynical but just make sure he has British citizenship[, also get married in UK its best for your interest. How old are you? Also you will have to have a Muslim ceremony.

I am Muslim but to be honest there are plenty of British men here. Pick one of them.

it's easy to marry much more difficult to DIVORCE him in muslim countries

„ÉĄ Zaghloo „ÉĄ
No its not difficult really. I mean i am not 100% sure. but I can say this in Islam it is permissable for him to marry you if you're religion is different. As long as you believe there is one god.(so not an atheist) The important thing is his children are muslim, if you plan to have children.
If he was christian and you muslim, he would have to convert to Islam (and not just by a piece of paper - ALLAH can see through that). And this is as a safe guard for Islam in the sense your children, the future follow Islam.

Hope that helps.

Kinky - she doesnt have to convert and she never mentioned converting.
Its not a ahrd process to marry someone. And its just as easy to divorce if you needed to.
pakm@n is not being cynical, im egyptian and I know that many egyptian men do marry outside egypt for visa's and citizenship outside. Especially if they come from poorer backgrounds and feel there is a greener life on the otherside. So do be careful ;) Be sure you know what u are doing and keep ur head screwed on right I am sure you will be fine as long as you have made ur choice with your head and not with your heart, in the sense of not falling for sweet nothings and false promises.

Wise Owl has given you sound information.

My beloved late wife was from the U.K. English Christian infact, we had known each other for nearly 5 years before we wed.She did not convert until she knew she was dying of cancer. This fact did not make our marriage any less blissful. God blessed us both with almost 20 wonderful years together & the most beautiful little Princess.

I wish you & your new husband to experience the same happiness i will remember for the rest of my life!

It's easy to get married in Egypt. You'll have to go to the Ministry of justice and there they'll tell you what to do which is passports and photo copies of a couple of things, then you're married legally. As for the Islamic ceremony I believe once you're married legally it'll be just easy to arrange one.

probably easyer in the UK

The Butterfly
he is supposed to do all the paper work here in Egypt , it's not so hard to do !

it's not that difficult but the diffcult part is how to find good husband?

i am assuming you are intending to marry in egypt. As i understand it there are two types of marriage in Egypt. the first is recognised by both countries is quite complicated and needs lots of paper work presumably that which is described by wise owl.
the second is called an orfi marriage and needs really only your passport and a signature is required. This second marriage allows you to be married in the eyes of the egyptian authorities. But it also allows your husband to have more than one wife which is allowed in muslim culture. As far as i can see it allows for an egyptian man to have a relationship with a tourist that is otherwise not allowed in egyptian and muslim law.

it isnt difficult .
get proof of your divorce .
you can marry after 3 or more months , im not sure .
you can keep your religion if you want , or convert and get a new name .
where is the difficulty ?
good luck.

Thats Wack :S

Mona Baby
If youll want to marry him you will have to convert.
Good Luck.

syful s
You want to marry him, convert your religion do it. But do not change yourself in this process. In Islam you should marry who is Muslim. So you should convert your religion before marriage. Hope i have not hurt you. If you can present yourself well i think your life will get new light. The country border is nothing in front of love.

why do you want to spoil your life by converting??????????????

HM 10
Easy to marry but you''l need to convert - once you've done that its impossible to divorce

Not gonna happen darlin.

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