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Is Fatimah Kulsum a Saudi Princess?

I just need to know thanks @Cheese Burger - I was hoping you would say she is a saudi princess @Fairies in Boots: You dont understand, how can she be the queen of saudi, she is soo beautiful i even have her added to my face book :))

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Cheese Burger
i even don't know who she is.

Fairies wear boots
Have my doubts reading "beautifulonline", "matgirls" and "claritas". She might be a "beauty queen". Look who took the pics:))

OMG.. you even added her to your facebook... hahahahaha!.. sorry but that is a bit bordering pathetic to do.. She probably has a zillion other men that added her to facebook also. thats saying that the facebook page is really her and not some imposter.... So she might have some royal blood in her.. Do you actually want to know how many people these days claim to be of royal blood.. a zillion.. you can be the neighbor of the cousin of the footman of the maid around the corner that had the granmother that sewed her clothes, to the nanny down the street, thats how people claim things around here... .... Its like.. I knew her, so I claim blood... she might be like the 10th cousin 20th removed down the line by marriage for all we know.. There are hundreds of others out there exactly like her.. sorry maybe she is a good woman.. I have never heard of her,, but im not that much impressed.. so, there gain.. sorry to burst your Princess bubble you have going...

Don't believe everything that your see. Like I said Don't judge the book by its cover. May be you want to remove her from you facebook profile.

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