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Is it really dangerous to visit egypt?

i want to visit egypt soo bad, but i heared it is dangerous is that true and why?

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I don't think so. I think it’s fine to visit Egypt.
If you just mix into there daily life, you can make some great friends. I visited already many countries in my life, but Egypt is one of the countries I will never forget. If you are an American than it is also not a problem. Just don't be so stupid to walk around and being proud to be an American.
Saw some guys like that, big mouth, loud and saying America this, America that.
Just be like any others and you make some great contacts like my American friends did and than you will see the Egyptians are even very interested in you being an American.
It is for any western the same you visited their country, so be nice and they are nice to you. Don’t you like their way, just don’t go.
Have a great time there, you will be amazed

Are you white? if so than yes.

no so likely.. the "coming president" war is over now...i went there in summer of 2004.. kinda nice & different place, yet, still loving my old NY

Egypt is a so safe country beleive me, I was there for 6 years and I never get any danger problem.
nice trip

Despite the tourist attractions there,such as the Pyramids and the templs of Abu Simbel,there are terror attacks there,including the blasts at Sharm-el-Sheikh last year.

yes that is no place for an American they hate us over there my grandmother went there and was shot at for no reason by a women so i would stay home

Libby Loves to Write
I guess it is dangerous now, but I have been there twice and I really loved it. I am not sure anyplace in the world is really safe these days, anyway. I'd take the chance and go if you have the money.


Does a bear live in the woods?

beautiful mind
welcome to egypt.. it is not dangerouse at all.. ask ppl who visited egypt.. ppl of egypt all welcoming for tourist from any part of the world.... ppl who just watch CNN will warn you.... or try nileTV stalite channel..
or check this

and about terourist attacks it happens everywhere!!..and egyption as poeple rejects it... and i think it is very rare chance to happen again.. the last "real one" was about 9 years ago..

Danger is relative. First, check for any travel advisories from the State Department. They'll warn you of hotspots to avoid. Next, don't bring an American attitude. Be cognizant that you are a visitor to their country by respecting their customs, being polite despite incessant pleas for you to buy market wares, and accepting that political dissent of Mubarak is not tolerated well.

In my visit there last year, my number one concern was the driving. Drivers in Cairo are nuts! Honestly, think very carefully before crossing any street. Do not rent a car unless you have full comprehensive insurance and a hardened stomach.

My second concern was over pickpocketers. Walking around with a backpack made me a target for the roving gangs of boys with nothing better to do than act juvenile - not unlike in the U.S.. Often I would have my wife wear the backpack and I would walk a pace or two behind her.

"Baksheesh" and scammers were my third concern, but really not a danger per se.

Personally, I'm glad I went. The pyramids are tremendous and a must see in life. Not worth going back though thanks to the smog pollution, litter pollution, aggressiveness of people wanting our money for showing us a site we were ging to see anyway, and lack of care for tourists.

hell yeah

Everywhere can be dangerous.

Not if your egyptian or royalty.

I made it out after 7 monthes. but i had an M203 grenade launcher

anywhere is dangerous, hehe i don't understand how ppl in the states see a few bombs in leb are xtra dangerous where as here in the states if you watch the local news you'll hear about atleast 15 raped ppl, 20 robbed, 30 killed and shot, pleaseeeeeeee just enjoy where ever you are, we're all dying in the long run, big deal, enjoy...
and i knwo alot of ppl who go to either leb or egypt to have the time of their lives there...lucky them..

Yes...check the travel warnings

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Egypt has a low crime rate but has suffered a series of terrorist attacks in or near tourist sites in late 2004 and in 2005. Americans should be especially vigilant in crowded tourist areas, remain aware of their personal security, and be alert to their surroundings. A heavy security presence is apparent to travelers throughout the country. Visitors and residents are requested to cooperate with Egyptian authorities. Americans are encouraged to contact the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo for the most up-to-date security information.

On August 15, 2005, near the town of Rafah in North-East Sinai, a small, improvised explosive device (IED) detonated near a Multinational Force Observers vehicle, injuring its occupants. On July 23, 2005, three bombs exploded in the tourist town of Sharm El Sheikh at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, killing scores of people and injuring many more. In Cairo, there were three unsophisticated attacks on crowded tourist destinations in April 2005. In one, a lone suicide bomber killed three foreigners, including an American, at Cairo’s Khan el-Khalili Market. Three Americans were seriously injured in this incident. In addition, in October 2004 a multi-story tourist hotel in Taba and two rustic seaside camps near Nuweiba by the Israeli border of the Sinai were attacked by vehicular IEDs. Thirty-four people died, including one U.S. citizen. Previously, there had been no terrorist incidents involving tourists in Egypt since the mid 1990s.
The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in September 2005 occurred without serious incident. The exact terms for crossing the border at Rafah have not yet been determined, however. Travelers seeking to cross the border may encounter difficulty. Travelers wishing to cross this border should contact the American Embassy in Cairo or the American Embassy in Tel Aviv for more information on the current status of the border crossing.

If U.S. Citizens wish to visit the Sinai, despite the multiple recent terror attacks there, they should exercise caution. As anywhere, travelers may gain a measure of safety by remaining particularly alert to their surroundings, by avoiding crowded tourist areas, and by visiting resorts and hotels with significant physical setback and security procedures.

There have also been instances of instability and public disorder in some other areas of Egypt, most notably in the Nile Valley governorates of Assiut and Sohag, located between Cairo and Luxor. These governorates, along with the adjacent governorates of Minya and Qena, have been areas of extremist activity in the past. U.S. Embassy personnel traveling to these areas (apart from Luxor and adjacent tourist destinations) require advance approval. Egyptian authorities also restrict the travel of foreigners in these governorates. American citizens planning to travel in these areas should contact the Embassy prior to travel.

Public demonstrations, occasionally take place in public areas such as Tahrir Square in Cairo and in the vicinity of universities and mosques. Generally peaceful, these demonstrations are frequently accompanied by a heavy security presence. Roads in the vicinity are often closed. Americans are urged to avoid areas in which demonstrations are planned or where large crowds are gathering and to consult local sources to learn of possible demonstrations.
Travelers to Egypt's frontiers, including the borders with Libya, Sudan, and Israel and parts of the Sinai off the main, paved roads, must obtain permission from the Travel Permits Department of the Ministry of the Interior, located at the corner of Sheikh Rihan and Nubar Streets in downtown Cairo.

In addition, travelers should be aware that land mines have caused many casualties, including deaths of Americans, in Egypt. All travelers should check with local authorities before embarking on off-road travel. Known minefields are not reliably marked by signs, but are sometimes enclosed by barbed wire. After heavy rains, which can cause flooding and the consequent shifting of land mines, travelers should take care driving through build-ups of sand on roadways. Though mines are found in other parts of Egypt, the highest concentrations are in World War II battlefields along the Mediterranean coast west of Alexandria, the Eastern Desert between Cairo and the Suez Canal, and most of the Sinai Peninsula. Travelers are urged to be especially prudent in these areas.

For the latest security information, Americans traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department’s Internet web site at where the current Travel Warnings and Public Announcements, including the Worldwide Caution Public Announcement and the Middle East and North Africa Public Announcement, can be found. Consular information is also available via the Internet on the U.S. Embassy Cairo’s website

Up-to-date information on safety and security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the U.S., or for callers outside the U.S. and Canada, a regular toll-line at 1-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays). A recording of the most recent Embassy message to American citizens in Egypt concerning security can be heard on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo's number, 011-2-02-797-3000.

The Department of State urges American citizens to take responsibility for their own personal security while traveling overseas. For general information about appropriate measures travelers can take to protect themselves in an overseas environment, see the Department of State’s pamphlet A Safe Trip Abroad at

CRIME: The crime rate in Egypt is low. While incidents of violence are rare, purse-snatching, pick-pocketing and petty theft do occur. Travelers are strongly cautioned not to leave valuables such as cash, jewelry, and electronic items unsecured in hotel rooms or unattended in public places. Unescorted women are vulnerable to sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

INFORMATION FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME: The loss or theft abroad of a U.S. passport should be reported immediately to the local police and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. If you are the victim of a crime while overseas, in addition to reporting to local police, please contact the U.S. Embassy for assistance. The Embassy consular staff can, for example, assist you to find appropriate medical care, to contact family members or friends and explain how funds could be transferred. Although the investigation and prosecution of the crime is solely the responsibility of local authorities, consular officers can help you to understand the local criminal justice process and to find an attorney if needed.
See our information on Victims of Crime at

it is not dangerous because Egypt first rank income is tourism and their people are so welcoming besides that the crime rate is very low compared to that of the USA.
terrorism crimes is now eliminated completely because egyptian government had made more strict laws against terrorists who wear the mask of fake islamic religion to do their barbaric attacks around the world.real islamic religion which encourages peace and good realtionships between nations is innocent from these blood seekers

No, i don't think so.

I'm sure it depends on the part you visit.

My sister went to luxor last year and she had a great time, the people of egypt are very welcoming.

It is especially dangerous if you are a westerner. Egypt would be a great place to visit if we werent living in a world where religious intolerance and hatred were ruling that part of the world.

hi there
my friend went their and had great time diving.

no its not

you can go to egypt with no dangers, it is a wonderful place to be, everyone there will welcome you, it is very beautiful, i say go go go


Not For Sale ®
No it is not. We egyptians dont't bite. lol. It is very fun and has great places to visit. If you have the money, please go there. The people of Egypt are very welcoming.

My God! some people just talk without knowing!!! Egypt is one of the safest places you can go to as long as you respect its culture. Nice weather, safe to be in, friendly people! You will appreciate it, especially if you come from the USA. What else can a tourist want...

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