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Question about Egyptian men marrying foreign women?

This question was actually inspired by Hope after a chat we had. She was wondering what exactly attracts foreign women to marry Egyptian men when lots, not all, of them have the same mentality that is so clear in our patriarchal society. Is it possible that when dealing with an Egyptian wife their attitude is different than when dealing with a European wife? Judging by the amount of questions posted here about marriages of this type it is happening a lot, so does anybody have an explanation for this please?!
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To clarify for those who don't know me, I am not "a white chick"! I am Egyptian too! lol

The example that Hope gave was really funny but made a point here. During a party at her daughter's school an Australian was massaging his wife's neck, then proceeded to massage her back, while exchanging whispers and looks full of love. The "local" (!!) women could not help but look on in envy! :D This is just a funny example. But really, why do most Egyptian men refrain from expressing any emotions in public with an Egyptian wife though they may have no probelm doing the same with a European wife? Again, this is just one simple example.

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