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Question about Egyptian men marrying foreign women?

This question was actually inspired by Hope after a chat we had. She was wondering what exactly attracts foreign women to marry Egyptian men when lots, not all, of them have the same mentality that is so clear in our patriarchal society. Is it possible that when dealing with an Egyptian wife their attitude is different than when dealing with a European wife? Judging by the amount of questions posted here about marriages of this type it is happening a lot, so does anybody have an explanation for this please?!
Additional Details
To clarify for those who don't know me, I am not "a white chick"! I am Egyptian too! lol

The example that Hope gave was really funny but made a point here. During a party at her daughter's school an Australian was massaging his wife's neck, then proceeded to massage her back, while exchanging whispers and looks full of love. The "local" (!!) women could not help but look on in envy! :D This is just a funny example. But really, why do most Egyptian men refrain from expressing any emotions in public with an Egyptian wife though they may have no probelm doing the same with a European wife? Again, this is just one simple example.

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Tabbakh El Hanem
they marry them to get out of here ... and for the nationality ...

blonde hair and blue eyes are very attractive to dark men (but not this man)

black hair and brown eyes are very attractive to white chicks

Egyptian men find the European girls "easier" than local ones ... taking into consideration the amount of horniness and the depravation all over the place (although i noticed it's not THAT hard to get a girl here as well but there's always a disaster ... afraid her dad will know, or her brother, etc .. Europeans are much more open about it .. no taboos ... as my friend put it once "hattal3 3ein ommak ligayet ma takhod haga" sorry for being blunt but it's the truth) ...... and marrying them is easier .. just sign a few papers ... no need for mahar + shabaka + i don't know what ...

well, i lived 7 years in Europe. I had countless relationships .. but i never thought about marrying any of them .. why ? i don't know .. it's all about love and connection for me ... i did almost fall in love with one of them (she was Spanish - gypsy - dark LOL) ... but it didn't happen ...

i guess i always knew i was destined to find my love somewhere around .. 'cuz i never wanted to marry a Lebanese girl either loooooool ( had 2 Lebanese girlfriends .. they are too demanding and high maintainance)

but i have to add something :

you find many of the white chicks marrying Egyptian men they met in Sharm or Hurghada ... both are low-middle class (she saved for a year to take this vacation and he works in the Hotel) ... the first thing on both of their minds is sex .... im not saying it's wrong ... i mean i met this Egyptian guy in the Lithuanian embassy in Cairo .. he met a Lithuanian girl for 10 days and he wanted to go visit her there .. i saw her pic ... typical Lithuanian villager ... but she told him her dad owns a huge company ... and he lied too ... i bet when he goes to Lithuania he'll dump her in a second after seeing the REAL Lithuanian beauty ...

High class girls like my girlfriends aren't interested in marrying a foreigner unless he's an American or European tycoon and it's never for love - always for money .... they can have fun with those "dark toy boys" for a little while ... then ditch them and move on ... the lifestyle for each social class is very different ... that's why i never ventured into a "love" relationship with any of them .... i either just fooled around or kept them as "friends" who could get me into VIP parties ...

That villager girl has her own fantasies about getting out of her situation and going anywhere in the world .. for her it's better ... and she usually is from a dysfuctional family (lives with one of her parents or her grandmom .. has an abusive alcoholic stepdad .. stuff like that) .. let's face it .. Egypt is Exotic and would make a very nice place for her to live (in her fantasies)... until she crash lands here and all the social and cultural differences start to appear ...

I can talk endlessly about this subject .. maybe i should've been in that chat with you and Hope ...
anyway i hope i made some of my points clear ...

Addit : about the expressing the emotions thing ... when having a foreign wife .. it's like you have immunity .. you can do something in public and people will say "she's a foreigner .. it's normal" ... but an Egyptian wife ... in public ... "Ikhtishy ya bittttttt" "nas ma 3andahash dammmm" .. etc .... it's all the role of society here ... taboos and i think someone said "the Khawaga complex" .. or as we say in Lebanon "koll shee franji branji" .. i dont know what it means loooool but ... ya .. when she's a foreigner .. it's like people EXPECT this kind of thing to happen since it's "normal" for her ... and the man should comply with the "normal" behavior of the khawagaya wife ... i dont think an Egyptian woman married to a foreigner guy would do that or allow him to do that bcz of the way the society looks at her .. she's expected to go through "khitan" .. and be "modest" and "mohajjaba" and "timshy w 3inha fel ard" and a million other taboooooos ... like the word "7orma" which comes from "7aram" as if the woman is a "3ib" ..... any other behavior would bring her accusations of being a "......" ... including marrying a foreigner ... "lih heya el riggala khilsit" ??? ... but an Egyptian (or Arab) man marrying a white chick is considered a "conquerer of the new lands" ...... my Arab friends used to ask me every time i had a date "shoo .. rafa3t el 3alam" ??? but actually it's the opposite .. iam usually the one feeling exploited bcz iam the "hot" one providing most of the pleasure ... white chicks (Eastern European) are usually coooold .. compared to the Arab and Mideterranian women .. they are nothing .. but for some dude experiencing it for the first time (fully) ... it might mean something .. i don't know...

anyway ... you get my drift .....

I will express my love for my wife in public and i won't give a damn ............. you'll see -D

is this the thumbs down question or what? lol
let's see how many I'll get.

one of the main of reasons that made me think of marrying from a foreigner, was the complications that surrounds the marriage in Arab countries, I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong as I'm not married yet.
women is women regardless nationality, but when a man find the right one for him, marriage would be an easier process if she is a foreigner.

but about showing affection in public I think I'd behave the same whether married to an Egyptian or foreign woman.

about what attracts european women to Egyptians, may be cause egyptian men offer them marriage which is something rare in europe when a man is willing for commitment.

let's count the thumbs down lol.

I understand that you are asking about the different attitude of Egyptian men when married to a foreign woman than when married to an Egyptian and not about WHY they marry foreign women, so here's my answer:
I have noticed the same thing too and I'm not talking about expressing their affection in public, I am talking about a different attitude even at home. When Egyptian men are married to a foreign woman they usually, willingly and happily, help at home, wash dishes, are understanding, caring and loving, help with the kids etc etc and I have seen it on several occasions , whether the couple live inside or outside Egypt. Yet there is sort of a different pattern to their attitude when they are married to an Egyptian woman. The man expects to have a clean house, a nicely cooked meal on time, a perfect mom and a beautiful wife in return for providing the monthly income even if the wife works too (it's the wife's chores as they say). Egyptian men in this case may offer help, but only to their convenience and not because they feel it's part of their responsibilities.
I can only offer theories as to why this could be. Maybe foreign women are not as submissive as Egyptians due to cultural reasons, while the Egyptian women were raised in a culture that was ready for women to work but not ready for men to share house duties, so they basically do not object when they see this attitude and if they do, men don't take it seriously because they know their backgrounds only too well.
The second theory is simply because men who consider marrying a foreign woman simply are different in character. They may be a bit more open minded and they do expect cultural differences and understand that they have to try to close the cultural gaps and different points of view with their wives!

Wow, this has turned into some debate!!
All I would like to add here is this:

I am an English woman, I have been married to (and divorced from) a Muslim man - who was not Egyptian.
I recently met a lovely Egyptian man and he would never show affection to me in public - its just not his way, even though I am a very affectionate person. Although it was hard for me, I respected him and managed to keep my hands firmly in my pockets!!

In my experience, English men are not unlike Egyptian men with their wives. They go from being pampered by their mothers to being pampered by their wives.
I know a lot of married English men who think that because they go out to work, they can come home and sit in front of the TV all night. It makes no difference that his wife has been at work all day - he expects her to clean the house, do the laundry, cook the meals and raise the children.
Women are known for being able to multi-task; I left the baby with my ex one day as I had an appointment. When I came back, he was still sat holding the baby in the same chair I had left him in. The washing was on the line, wet with rain, but he said he couldn't bring it in, because he was holding the baby!!!!! I'm sure he thought the housework was done by magic...
As someone once wrote to me, women know everything about their children - birthdays, dentist appointments, friend's names and so on. Men are just aware there are some small people living in the same house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

remind me of another question which is:
why Egyptians so rude to each others while so gentile to non Egyptians?

i guess the answer is the same for both of the questions which is we are people hate and distrust or at least indifferent to each other.

I have 3 experience with 3 foreign women,
I never have a Egyptian women, so I do not know what is going on with them right now, I mean how it goes between men and women from Egypt:
but what I remember about Egyptians not between girl and boy friends , between man and his wife for Eg. my Daddy when he wanna kidding with Mam, she did always stop him saying oh the kids around us or I am tired or there are some people around. always she has her own reasons and nobody could blame her because that is the way how she raised up!!!even you could see in some Egyptian movies the same.
On the opposite way, you will find the European woman: she is always ready for making fun and more !
But believe me it is depend on the man, I mean I do not deal with my wife right now as a dealt with my first wife, I was younger, do not think of Allah way so much, i didn´t care of whom around me, i never watched my action or behaviors, but right now I am getting older, has known lot and seen lot I can control me and my wife in our actions,
About we are attracted to "white chicks"by the way, it is nasty when you call a girl or woman chick. it is really street talking , Anyway, I live in Europe, never went to Girl and say to her I would like to talk or drink cafe´ with you , they always come to me, "wait a minute because my wife argue with me right now,
OK we are done and she remembered "
Ask me !so it is not true that we like European women than Egyptians , I do not know if I live in Egypt what were going to be ???? I respect Egyptian´s women a lot they are my Mom, sisters, sister in law, cousins and daughter is Egyptian too.

Because they look different. Egyptian men are always attracted to light skin, green or blue eyes and blonde hair. Most Egyptian girls don't posses those looks. Most Egyptians are tan or dark and have dark features. You don't see a natural blonde with blue eyes walking down Egyptian streets everyday.

I live in the US and many white and foreign males here are very attracted to Egyptian women. Many times men white men asked me on dates because they are attracted to the exotic look Egyptian women have. To them Egyptian women are very exotic, they love the long black hair and dark Egyptian eyes.

They say you always want what you can't have and that'exactly how it is. Egyptian and Arab men are attracted to foreign women because there isn't many of them in Egypt. Don't forget, foreign women are better in the bedroom as well because they're comfortable with their sexuality but as for Egyptian women, sex isn't something that is ok to talk about in an Egyptian household. So when they get married, they're inexperienced and very shy, and if a guy is going to wait almost his whole life to finally sleep with a woman, it can get very frustrating, so they take the easy way out and go for a foreign woman instead.

Hope I helped.

I´m foreing and time ago I was talking with my bf about this I told him that here in my country men cannt kiss, this is not fine, if a man kiss other man we think is "homosexual", I can kiss to my bf when I want do it and hug him, caress his hair and nothing happen, this is normal, just I cannt have sex before marriage, but I can have friends and talk with them about life and this doesnt mean that I want an affair and boys know this.
And I love foreing books, over all poetry.
Boys and girls can change books, magazines, advises, recipes and nothing happen, for me and my country this is not haram, we think is freedom and we can select the best man for get marry.

Nile ~*~
Hm... interesting question...

Well, culturally speaking, and it's not necessarily a bad thing at all, given they're married, but in the West public show of affection is less frowned upon. Of course, sometimes this goes to far. This is likely why the man was more open to massaging and what not in front of everyone.

It think both cultures can learn from each other. Too much PDA is not a good thing because it can embarrass onlookers and can be inappropriate and disrespectful. Also, I think never holding each other's hand, no stolen kisses, sweet things like that, to not do them can be hurtful and too rigid. Come on! You're married!

arthur b
Yes you are right, western women personalities are not as suppressed by family and traditions like the Egyptian women (Don't mean disrespect). so some Egyptian men behave differently with western women due to collective knowledge about their personalities.,

Wad of dumb
They usually bathe.

Moroccan girl
well for me as a muslim, im attracted to and wish to marry a very good muslim man... and in egypt the practicing muslims there are very good and have strong deen. i have met one and inshallah will marry him. so i admire his deen and strength in allah.... he is hard working, looks after his parents and loves them dearly, and those are things i look for.
my dad has always admired the muslims there :)

Well im moroccan so him and me are similar, its different becuase we are both arabs and both devout muslims... be difficult if i was european becuase language and culture and religion would be superficial considering in islam you should pick your spouce mainly on the basis of deen and religion
ma salaama

saydaly hawa mosh la2e eldawa
i always find my self attracted to foreign women
i dated many nationalities for several years
but i prefer girls from gulf and Lebanon
they are so feminine
they can get the animal man from the inner core of my personality
the way they move,touch kiss,whisper of love
they r so totally pungent
they can touch my sole
we bardo el bent el masreyya kowayyesa
mahaddesh yez3al ba2a plz

adept pervert
the main reason why people marry foriegners is curiousity to discover new culture and new people.
why western women are preferred here because there are not enough blondes within here to satisfy men's fantasies.

LOL! I'm egyptian too 3ala fekra (haha!) and my grandfather married a german woman who is (obviously) my grandmother now and i look like her, i think egyptian men are attracted to foreign european women cause they are more beautiful AND they treat them as sweet as candy ! They definitely do! A woman will never agree to marry a mean annoying man and ya know the man desperately wants her haha ^^ But my grandma really loves my grandfather despite that shes german and he's egyptain ( from totally different places)
She even was a christian and after being married to him for 7 years became a muslim too! See does wonders!

Yousif (Joe) R
I hate it when white chicks think like this... I'm an Arab guy...

I'm non-religious, liberal, and progressive but somehow white females run away because they have preconceived notions about Arab men...

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