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What do you do when you're too sleepy to work/study?

and you're at school/work?

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i just sleep whenever,wherever,and actually responsible don't argue me ,they just don't want to deal with me

Elicia C
The healthiest way is to plan ahead just a little.

Go to GNC and get vitamin B12. They come in a box of varying quantities and are dissolvable tablets. They taste like cherry. And they work better than any coffee or energy drink ever will. And... the best part is they are super healthy for you. Take it first thing when you wake up and they will keep you going for several hours. I started taking them when I worked a 14 hour day and It got me through the day and then some. Then at night I fell right to sleep. Great stuff and it is pretty inexpensive.

As aussie once said, sleep with ur eyes open :D

Ty M
ha. ive been trying to find an answer for that for 27 yrs now. Im 27.

don't touch the Coffee ... just some cool water will refresh u & pit of (tanteeet ) & fun and u will be awalk tell the morning .. that really works with me
i'm at faculty..

take a ten minute power nap.

Wolf Raider
Go home, sleep, come back tomorrow.

Ryan C
Get to sleep early. Sleep is key, and you cant function without it, and it increases irritability. Not sure if there are tricks besides energy drinks or coffee. Or anything very hot to drink (Or if you are at home, take a warm shower and let it get colder and colder.)

Kristine M
drink energy frink it make u hyper
that what i do before i go 2 school

Arhum M
coffee coffee coffee! :D

lebanese girl
i eat.. food give me energy

i'm doing stuff like this.. answering questions, and wasting my time and getting less sleep because i'm too stubborn to go right off the bat.. if there is 1 thing i'm good at.. its stalling.. but after a while if i get way too tired i just say, screw it.. i'm sleeping. who cares about the work. my bodies needs are more important.. lol

sleep .. and then i'll try to figure out a way to study when am more energetic

Coffee and sweets will make you crash, take some vitamins and eat some fruit

Cleo P
While at work, you could dedicate your lunch break to a power nap, same applies for school, you could use a study room, library or any other quiet area to take a power nap. Don;t forget to set your cell phone alarm to wake you up after a specified period of time. Whatever the case do not continue working or attempt to study without rest because you may experience burn out or just fail your exam because all you may end up doing is cramming and neither will bring forth positive results.

redboll wel help

drink coffee or eat some candy

Coffee baby, coffee...

take a nap and get yelled at

Get up and walk around for a little bit to help keep me awake and drink a 5-hour energy shot

That's my problem too.

What I do is, ... i keep my mind busy or my body busy.

When reading something work related or research, i give time to rest by going somewhere or take a break.

Why you feel dizzy when reading is because your brain is working hard and oxygen supply seems to be insufficent. The result is dizzyness.

What i do is break my reading from time to time by standing and going somewhere. Or reading something interesting. Like when Im reading a manual for 30 minutes i then read news or view Flickr or youtube to wake me up from dizzyness.

Coffee helps as well.

Also, be sure to have a complete sleep at night. The less your sleep was, the easier you'll fall asleep later while in the office.

Exercise daily. No exercise leads to longer sleep. More exercise leads to short sleep and better feeling.

Mr Cool
nescafe chocolate ...plenty of sugar ...wash ur face with cold water...

Energy drinks. every single person who put that answer are those losers who think they know energy drinks. grab a red bull and then drink a big can of monster throughout the day. or you can do what i do and buy a 12 pack of red bull and take 2-3 to school also amp and monster energy shots are good (however they taste like cold medicne just drink it though it will help) by the way you can drink more than 3 energy drinks a day.

I have a strong cup of coffee.

jumping jacks, run around the building!

wear ur Pj, they can tell that you're not bothered :P lol jk

get a break

I usually take a break from my break as my whole day is a break so when I need to take a break I go back to work lol get it :P

Hezbollah Qadimoon
At school: Red Bull =]

At home: Cofee

sit in a chair and take 5.

but the horns that honk for no reason will not let you sleep.

ѕιηgιηg ѕυѕнι gιяℓ
Wow! So many answers!

You don't know how much i'm sleepy at school!

I usually count to ten and ask the teacher if i can go to the bathroom and there i splash my face with water or i hit myself no i'm kidding lol

Put your feet in cold water, slap yourself, kick yourself pinch yourself just do't fall asleep!!

usually you are tired because your blood sugar leves are running low, firstly eat something with a high GI...(sugary foods, natural sugar is proably better {apple, bannana}) and then eat something with a low GI to sustain your energy for longer.

even better than this, prepare before hand and eat a large meal about half an hour before hand, with a range of foods to feed your nutritional needs throughout the biredom of work/school.

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