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Why do the Arab countries hate Israel?

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It's like u have a nice house , and a jew cousin from another town wanted to rent a room in ur house until he find a place to stay in , then one day he has a gang that helps him to force u to give half of the house [ share th house ] because his grand grandfather once lived in this area , when u refuse he kick u out of the whole area and torture u , will u hate him or not ?

Is it just the Arab countries?If you studied history and followed world politics at all then you would easily be able to answer that question yourself.

Because Israel used to stole other rights without any feeling with shame. starting from 1948 till now.

Why israel hate arab countries

Michael J
I think it's because Israel is proof that the Muslim supremacy is at an end. I believe this underlies all tension between Islam and the west.
From its inception until recent times, the Islamic confederacy has been a supreme power, spreading with fantastic speed throughout the world, and even suppressing christendom. However, around a couple hundred years ago, the tide started to turn. Prior to world war one, the Ottoman Empire had already started to crumble; it was no longer a huge fearsome entity, and it begain to lose its battels. WW I was the nail in the coffin; the Ottomans were crushed and lost great swaths of land. Islam, which until recently had been dominant wherever it existed, was now subjugated to western rule. As a result of Western dominion, Israel was created in their very midst. Israel thus is a shining beacon of failure and loss. Israel is a non-Muslim entity constructed on what was once a Muslim land, despite the Arab world's greatest efforts. It shows the vast impotence of the Arab countries, and that is not something easy to get over.

Ok none, Lia, mini_mo, mizz_cut3, and michael j all need a slap in the face. They are answering a subject they have no knowledge in.

we donnot hate it,but it should give palestinians their rights

Israel is hated by the rest of the world for occupying other people land.

Stan P
Because the nation-state of Israel was founded in the general area of Palestine, the original British protectorate. With the support of the United Nations, Israel was founded in 1948. The Arabs were not consulted at the time.

Because Israel was a settlement imposed on the Arab world by outside powers (the UK and latterly the UN) against their wishes on land considered to belong to Palestine.

Israel has an army exceedingly well funded by the West ($2 billion a year from the US alone) and has used it to invade every single one of its neighbours at least once.

Its last violation was to aerial bomb and invade its neighbour Lebanon for the action of terrorist on Lebanese soil. This would be a bit like Canada bombing New York because it allowed terrorists to perpetrate 9/11.

becuase many arabs dislike jews or whoever who is not muslim for w/e reason and since israel is mainly composed of jews (ppl who are not muslim) especially in the middle east!, where most of the countrys are composed of muslins they are going to hate that country.

Fawaz Turki wrote a book entitled "The Disinherited" which is probably the best book every written from an Arab point of view on the Arab-Israeli crisis. The reality is that if the Arabs didn't hate the Israelis so much they would be hating the Palestinians as the top of their dislike. There is a copy of this book being sold on - I would strongly recommend it to you

As for why the Arabs hate the existance of the State of Israel in the midst there are various reasons for that. Here are a few:

1) Many Arabs see Israel as an European settler state in their midsts (even though many of Israel's population of Jews are originally from Arab states who were either kicked out or suffering under persecution within those Arab States).

2) A religion other than Islam is watching over some of Islams holiest places.

3) Israeli culture is seen as alien to Muslims (too western).

4) Israel is a Democracy in a sea of non-democratic regimes.

5) Israelis are not Muslims.

6) Many Muslims believe they are decendent from Ishmael where as Jews trace their heritage from Isaac who according the Bible and the Koran were rivals. The Bible and the Koran give different versions as to what happened in that story.

7) Palestinians trace their heritage to the ancient Philistines who were the mortal enemy of ancient Judea and Israel.

8) Many of the regimes in the area to keep their populations at bay use Israel as a boogeyman.

That is a short list. I hope this helps.

Good Luck!!!

James A

Essentially because they are a different race of people that "invaded" and took the land.

very simple!Arabian countries are hate mongers they don't believe in peaceful coexistence. Arabs would hate any body who is not the follower of Islam.history of the region shows that Israel was the part of region so the notion of Islamic countries all over the world that the region belong to Palestine is wrong.if the Arabs are so sympathetic to Palestine cause why they don't give a peace of land to Palestine people to establish there homeland.i think all Islamic countries are doing lip service for the cause of Palestine people. Islamic countries could have help their Palestine brothers financially during the western boycott.

Very simply, because the Arabs are unwilling to share their sandbox with anyone else.

Arabs believe that because of the "supremacy" of Islam, Muslims have divine right to all the territories they have ever ruled. Thus the Arabs cannot accept the idea of an independent non-Muslim nation in Israel, especially so close to their "home turf." (Muslim extremists also want to reclaim Spain, which they call Andalus, because it too was once occupied by Muslims.)

According to Islamic law, non-Muslims may live as "protected" citizens or dhimmis (which means that, in theory, they are not subject to random murder or forced conversion) in Muslim nations IF they accept official second-class status under the law and are subordinate to Muslims. You may hear Arabs or Muslims saying that "some Jews" would be welcome to stay in "Palestine" after the Arabs take over-- the understanding being that they would not be permitted to have any political power.

Secondarily, the success of Israel, like that of the West in general, is an unpleasant reminder that the world of Islam is not superior, as their religion teaches them it is.

Epidavros response is incorrect because it does not explain why the Arabs hated the Jews in the area even before the State of Israel was established (the Hebron massacre of 1929 is only one example). His explanation does not account for why the Arab armies attacked Israel in 1948, when Israel received no aid from the West. The area did not "belong to Palestine" because there was never in the history of the world an independent nation called Palestine, nor was there any concept of a separate Palestinian identity prior to the establishment of Israel. Palestinians considered themselves Arabs, and in 1948 the majority of Palestinians themselves were recent immigrants from neighboring countries.

Instead of helping their Palestinian "brothers," the Arabs have kept them as cannon fodder in a 100 year old war against the Jewish/Israeli presence in the region.

read a history of the creation of israel and you will understand and make your own judgement... and put yourself in the shoes of palestinians.

also note that before zionism (different from judiasm) all 3 major religions (judiasm, christianity and islam) lived in peace in palestine.

also good to look up zionism which is the ideology of the creation of israel.

and as far as democratic... people tend to tag on this word when a country is allowed to vote, however, you need to look at other aspects of the govt. south africa during apartheid was democratic as well.

arab govts are not perfect either, but that is another discussion.

also note that the refugee problem that israel caused, created a huge problem for all the neighboring arab countries, causing population increases and even civil war in some countries.

The traveler
Why would a rational human being choose to blow himself up rather than live? The Israelis, the US media and our politicians would have us believe that the Arabs are simply not rational. They routinely tell us that Arabs are "religious fanatics" who "hate freedom" or "hate our way of life" to quote George W. Bush.
Palestinians have been oppressed and humiliated, they have been attacked and killed by settlers and the IDF...
Zionist Leaders, from the start they knew that in order to establish a Jewish state they
had to expel the indigenous Palestinian population to the neighboring
Islamic states and import Jews from all around the world..
Up to you to get the answer, to your question!!

Wise Heart
The people who made Israel they wanted this country to be hated and always keep the fire on.

Edite : This is a link for the BBC poll to see that it's not only the Arabs, it's all the world

mo mosh
(1) Because of the "Jihad" - the eternal war against non-Moslems in which the goal is to bring the whole world under Moslem rule. The Qur'an puts Jews on the top of the list of people to hate.

(2) "Blaming the Jews" is a convenient distraction used by dictators in Moslem countries - distracts the masses from the fact they live under dictators.

worthless w
dont know

Muslims and Jews have been in conflict since biblical times. It goes back to Ishmael and Isaac.

The critic flower.
All about politics, wars and so on, but for me i don't hate it, Palestinians deserves it but not 100% i see no need for wars but they never stop too!

Sherry K
Read your Bible.

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