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Why does Iran hate Israel?

I get why the Arabs hate them but why does Iran? What is their beef?

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Michael J
I see it as an attempt by Iran to draw support to itself from pan-Arabia. While Ahmadinejad is not especially popular in his own Iran (he leaves his people in poverty to support such groups as Hezbollah), he enjoys vast support throughout the Arab world. Now with Saddam Hussein gone, he has a near uncontested spot as the leader of the extremist Arab world.

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ÐÅ MÅN ☺ ☻
i think ur question should be "Why have so many civilizations, for hundreds of years and to this day still, hate jews?"

Gamla Joe
Every closed society needs a villain for the public to hate as a way to direct their focus away from their own domestic problems.

I suggest reading George Orwell's 1984. In it he highlights how this works.

North Korea will never be able to make peace with South Korea because doing so will cause its dictatorship to collapse.

The same is true about Iran.

Because Iran and America have a tiff, and America is Israels biggest supporter, because America needs a home base in the ME. that's in a nut shell. Cheers!

PB: the asker did not ask people he said the country: I guess you are unfamiliar with the tiff between America and Iran in 1979? America support Khomeni why? because the shah upped the price of the oil. When khomeni came into power there was billions of $ owing to Iran and from that day on America has not paid it back. Anything to do with America Iran dislikes. Also for the fact what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, Iran has done much to help the refugees when no other arab country would. Also there are 1000's of Palestinians living in Iran. Cheers!

Becaue they hate Iran and jews everywhere have in recent years mounted a truly ferocious international hate campaign for an all-out war to utterly demolish one of the world's oldest and richest cultures,that of ancient Persia. They hate them because (gasp!) they don't feel "obligated" to like jews. And nothing infuriates jews more than people who don't feel "obligated" to like them. Actually,Iran has never done anything whatsoever to hurt the occupation in Palestine. But they have spoken ill of it. Well,we can't have that. Speaking ill of it - just imagine. What better justification could there be for attacking a nation? You can't expect the chosen people to permit themselves to be spoken ill of. When people do that that they just aren't fulfilling their "obligation" to "like" jews. And so they must die. As horribly as possible. To make the world a safer and better place...for jews.

I personally do not believe Iran as a whole hates Israel, only the crazy politicians and religious leaders who support and/or command Ahmadinejad.
Sometimes they say that they hate Israel for displacing Palestinian refugees.... but I haven't heard much about them caring about this issue in the past!

Bassima(God Bless Palestine)
Why not? Anyone with common sense know that zionism is wrong. And majority of the people in Israel believe in zionism. Afghanistan and iran hates Israel

Jews live there. Iranians hate Jews. They try to knock them out any way they can.

Shay p
Iran is a country, a country does not hate,Its that Midget bearded SOB that fell on his head when he was delivered that hates all.
In the 50s 6Os and 70s there were many Israelis in Iran ,they built new roads new hospitals new houses etc, all with the SHAS blessing.
Than came that deranged Ayatollah Humaine the hater of democracy AND INFECTED ALL

i heard that Iran hates Arabic countries also.

It's clearly the other way around....US wants to attack Iran.

All these Ignorant answerers saying they want to rule Arab World .....Iranians are NOT Arabs...and are Shia..

Us wants to attack Iran to neutralise them, grab their Oil and make way for the Caspian Oil Pipline...

and to save the Petrodollar which Iran want to make PetroEuro...which would bankrupt the USA

Its real simple - politics. Iran's government need to create "Satans" in the world to keep the focus on these outside evils instead of the people getting a clear view of the real evil - their own government.

Good Luck!!!

to be honest, i never stopped to think why they hate us. now that you asked, i have no idea...

Mimi- ميمي - מימי
Because the Americans support them.

super SHANTI
they want to rule the arab world , and what more uniting then hating israel ??!
(except black coffee ,hookah and backgammon !!!)

Ama A
Goes back to Biblical times. All with Ismael and Isaac. The Arabs believe that land belongs to them and the Jews think it belongs to him...simple enough...results all from one mans sin Abraham. Hope this helps.

I'm not sure that Iranian people all hate Israel; I hope they don't!

But there's no doubt that the strange little man whose name I can never spell - Ahmadinejad ? - really does loathe the Jewish state. He has repeatedly and openly declared that Israel must 'vanish' and that he longs to 'wipe it off the map'.

And he has repeatedly claimed that the Holocaust did not really happen, and did not really involve the deaths of six million Jews. Of course, it's nonsense for him to say this, because the Holocaust is one of the best documented episodes in recent history.

I think Iran just doesn't like the fact that Israel is so democratic.

EDIT TO 'REJOICE' - sorry, just to correct 'a few jews living there' - there were many, many more! Jews were living in Jerusalem before Islam had even developed :)

Before Israel became a nation in 1948, the land was a British protectorate with many Arab people living in the land. There were a few Jewish people too. But the Arabs felt it was their land. Now that Israel is a nation.... made so by the United Nations, the Arabs call them occupiers. The Arabs call the land Palestine. They want the occupiers out of what they think is their land. They refuse to acknowledge that Judaism has had a long history in the land, and that Jews need a place to call home. The Jews have lived in the land much longer over history than the Arabs.... and hence have a historic right to the land. Iranians are muslims, and muslims long for the return of their 'messiah'. the 12th immam.. and they believe that chaos will usher in his return. So the more war they push, the sooner He will come. Its a spiritual thing even more than a political thing.
Israel has always been a favored land to control, being at the crux of so many nations, trade routes, as well as the wealth of the land in agriculture, tourism, and positioned between the red sea, the Mediterranean sea. and the fertile crescent.

Love s2
because their muslim muslims hate jews

america loves the oil in iraq

of corse jews are hated all over the place they install themselves where their not wanted
30,000 ou of 71,208,000 ?

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