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Age limits for babies on airplanes?

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Well, I gotta tell ya. My last 5 hour plane trip to Hawaii had an infant crying nonstop. If there were a parachute on board, I would have been tempted to bail out into the Pacific Ocean and take my chances with the sharks. But what are you gonna do? People with babies probably need a vacation more than I do, even if it does mean taking their babies with them (more's the pity). Just doesn't seem fair that I can't blast rock music during the flight at 30+ decibels to drown out the other noise.

i know some pretty big babies that are well into their adulthood.

The FlygirL
It depends on your carrier so it's best to check with them. With the airline I worked for, age limit is at 15 days old and in the airline industry, a person is classified as an infant until below 2 years old.

any age under 2 is in adults lap over 2 you have to buy a nother seat for him/her

I got 2 points for this answer
I don't think you can check them in with luggage so I don't understand the question.

Baby, if you mean an infant, then the age limit is 24 months

julie travelcaster
On domestic flights in the US, usually one child up to age 2 (24 months, actually, a 25 month old pays) can fly free with his/her parent, one child per parent, and without occupying an extra seat (the child must be on the parent's lap).

Children older than 24 months, children taking up a seat of their own, and children flying internationally, must pay the full fare.

Check with the airlines but most allow babies from about 2 weeks old. Someone who worked with an adoption agency said that they can even make exceptions to that in special circumstances.

If you're talking about "lap babies", those who don't have seat, the limit is the second birthday. Remember that the only way for a baby to travel safely is in a carseat with their own place. For more details, see the link below.

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