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Are you able to use just the return ticket if you purchase round trip airline tickets?

I want to see if there are any penaltys for only using the return flight ticket and not using the departure ticket for a round trip airfare.

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If you do not show up for the first flight of your round-trip, the rest of your ticket will be cancelled and if you don't notify the airline in advance that you won't be taking the first flight, you lose the value of the entire ticket.

Laurence B
If you are no show for the outbound leg of the journey, most airlines will cancel your return. It is an IATA regulation that tickets have to be used in sequence (due to fares and ticketing rules) and therefore you won't be able to use the return and not the outbound.

Call your airline's reservations number and let them know you won't be using the first segment of your trip. If you don't inform them ahead of time, the rest of your itinerary will be deleted. Typically, the value of the unused portion of your trip can be applied as a credit to another flight on that airline - usually it has to be booked within a year (booked only, not used). For example, if your trip is in December 2007, the remaining value of the ticket must be applied to a flight that you book before the end of December 2008 for sometime in 2009. Also, most airlines will charge a change fee for the change in date and destination (usually $100), and some will charge an additional difference-in-fare. Sometimes, if the value of your new flight is less than the value of your original, cancelled flight, you will get a refund, or have the change fee reduced by that amount. Often times, the difference-in-fare (if less than the $100 change fee) can be waived if you are nice but firm that you don't want to pay it (BE NICE). Again though, these are generalizations - call your airline for details.

As far as I am aware it's completely up to you which ticket you use, why should they care. In fact I had a boss who recently bought a return ticket to LA and he only used one part of it. It was a bargain that's why. I know people who do the same with train tickets, get cheap returns and then ditch the unused ticket. It'll be fine, what can they say?

Check with the airline, but I think they put it in a fund for up to a year of use..

you prolly wont be able to get a refund on the departing tix, but its 2 seperate tickets. one doesnt affect the other. Depending on the airline, they may give you a partial credit in flyer miles or whatever toward another flight w/i 30 days to a year . . .

Double check with the airline, there may be fees associated with usage. Many times there is a timeline in which to use the other portion of the ticket.

Gary H
If you miss the departure flight, you're return ticket will be cancelled.

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