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Are you allowed take lighters on planes?

With the new security rules are you allowed take lighters on planes - either a disposable one or a Zippo type lighter. If not can I take matches instead.

Obviously I'm a smoker.

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Sarah A
They are apparently not allowed, but in April I flew to New Zealand with a stopover in Malaysia and an internal flight in NZ, and I carried a lighter with me on all flights. I wasn't stopped, it wasn't removed. It seems that there is a little more leeway than there was after the scare last year. Officially, lighters haven't been allowed for years, but I've never had a problem carrying one until I flew back to the UK last August. I'd suggest you go for a plastic one, though - just in case!

Some airports let you take a lighter but, only one!

Nope - neither in hand luggage.

Matches: yes you can carry it on, no in your checked bags.
Lighters: not allowed in carry-on, yes in checked bags if properly secured.

not that i know of , if you look on the web page of the airline you are travelling with
iam up in Brisbane at the moment visiting family i live in Perth W,A and i fly virgin blue i looked on their web site to see what i can carry on board and no airosols or lighters are allowed. also there is no smoking on flights so its no good carrying your lighter on board any way
since the Bali bombing and 911 in America all airlines have stricter security

I've just been to Australia for 4 weeks, we did 8 flights in all and I didn't have my lighter taken off me once, just pop it in the plastic bags they give at you before you go through security so it can be seen and your fine.

Rhyannonn C
You can't smoke on the plane so why do you want matches and a lighter? and no you can't.

TSA - Lighters - All lighters are prohibited as carry-on items. Lighters without fuel are permitted in checked baggage. Lighters with fuel are prohibited in checked baggage, unless they adhere to DOT exemptions, which allow up to two fueled lighters if properly enclosed in a DOT approved case. If you are uncertain as to whether your lighter is prohibited, please refrain from bringing it to the airport. No No
Strike-anywhere Matches - Up to 4 books of safety (non-strike anywhere) matches are permitted as carry-on items, but all matches are prohibited in checked baggage.

no.. due to the force of the air change.. and y wud u want to take a lighter on a plane 4?? u can't smoke on them

my dad had the inside of his zippo taken away when he was boarding a plane a couple of months ago... don't know if security has changed since

no not now they take them from you! i had mine taken away! so sozzzzzz x

1 Hot Photographer
I travel all the time and the best answer is matches. You can even keep those in your pants pocket because the security laser doesn't pick it up. Also, 9 times out of 10 I am able to get away with my lighter when I keep it in my camera bag. The extra-thick padding and the other little gizmos in the bag cover it up on the X-Ray. The worst that happens when they do find it, is they search the bag and take it away. No big deal. I just pretend like I forgot to take it out of the bag. Or you can always put it in your checked baggage, that is OK.

No, if you have a lighter with you, it will be thrown away at Security.

mary m
No, they will take it away, the best thing to do is send it through with your baggage, they still may go through and take it out but you have a better chance of it making it that way........keep your good one at home and pick up a disposable one, just in case they take it.

Pebble da rebble
We were allowed to going out of gatwick last year but not leaving Sanford for the return home. Shows how seriously the Uk are not taking the threats.

they will take them, matches too, they have a big bin of them at the gate, people just chuch them in there. if you have a zippo either leave it at home or put it in your checked bag

The rule is no, but I'm sure people still get away with it.

Air Travel XPERT!
Well, technically yes but it is forbidden (I should think) to smoke on the plane. Are you talking about the designated areas?

bee bee
yes i did when in travelled to ireland recently

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