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Are you allowed to take your own snacks on an airplane?

I know you are not allowed to take your own water or drinks from home on an airplane now, but are you allowed to take your own food on board?

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absolutely you can.

YinYin^_^~!??? ????????????????

I just called to Continental Airlines. They said YES, you can take your own snacks. I explained to them your case, and they were all freaked out cuz they aren't supposed to say so.

You can take your own food, they have no limits with it since some people are diabetic or gotta have an strict diet. They are limited and strict with liquids.... u gotta buy them after passing by the security check.

Take care

Mike R
Yes you can take food on board. And you can take drinks on board a plane too but only if you buy it past security. I have done this numerous times.

Tea C
You are allowed to take an unopened bottle with water, if you take a water bottle that has been opened they make you pour the water out, and let you refill it after you go through customs. You can refill it at a water fountain and yes you can take your own snacks. You can also buy food on the airplane but it is very expansive.

if u put it in a carry on bag and take it out b4 u take off then u wont get in trouble

Yes, unless you are flying on SkyBus. You can get a really really cheap airfare, but you can't bring on your own food. If you do smuggle it onboard, they won't make you throw it out, but you'll get a scowl..

Any other airline will allow you to bring your own. You just can't bring your own alcohol. I always bring a quizzno's sub onboard! Yummy!

i believe things like chips, cheetos, etc. are fine.
and if not, there are shops in the airport where you can buy food.

I am sure they will allow you to take a small bag of snacks but please call your airline just in case they no longer allow food. It is a shame cause I have low blood sugar and must take a snack like crackers etc not a huge bag of food but was told from Continental I cannot take it with me.

I'm pretty sure that you can take food and water aboard after the security check.

yes, provided its in sealed bags bought in stores not home made stuff thats wrapped up.Best is to bring cereal bars or nuts or snak stuff thats individually wrapped.

Yes you are. I know alot of people that hate airplane food so they bring their own.

Yes but Id check with your air carrier
If your flying Skybus no they wont let you

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