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Can I bring honey on an airplane?

It's in a glass jar, bigger than 3 ounces.
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Since everyone is so curious, it's for a Christmas gift! It's really good honey. Got that, Jess M.?

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You can put it in your checked baggage. Warning: Put it in a heavy duty ziplock bag, to contain the honey if the jar leaks or, worst case, gets broken. And pack it well so it doesn't get broken.

Bring it on with you, no. It's a liquid.

If you are checking bags, you can put it in your checked luggage. If you aren't checking bags, unfortunately, it's a liquid. Since it's over 3 oz, I'm afraid you can't bring it with you.

Your other option would be to ship it.

Andy Biker
Maybe you could take a swarm of bees on instead?

Caitlin C
no liquids bigger than 3 ounces on your carry-on, but you can bring as much as you want in your luggage.

No buy a smaller jar under 3 ounces.


I have the feeling there may be something in there...Im not trusting you with that..I read on a recent science discovery that the main ingredient in bombs is mostly honey so NO SIRybob you can absolutely NOT bring honey!!!! Are you crazy???

Kelly T
who tries to bring honey on a plane? you must be a terrorist!!! only joking, they made throw out my contact less solution because it was more than three ounces, but then then next agent let me carry on a full bottle of cologne which i forgot i it seems like a huge joke to me

Just piling on here--you can check it (pack it carefully!), but it will not be allowed as carry on.

Jess M
Why do you need to take it on a plane?

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