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Can I bring my laptop in my suitcase?

I need to bring my laptop with me on my next flight. Can I put it in my suitcase and check it in like normal?

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Yes I have had that done before, though you have to put into consideration the risk of getting it stolen or getting it accidentally damaged when they put your suitcase onto the conveyor belt, into the plane, turbulence and packing of the other luggages during the flight, getting the suitcase out and onto the conveyor belt. You can just take your laptop with you, it just needs to go through the security screening.

VERY unwise...high risk of it being stolen or of never working again. Suitcases are tossed around very roughly. Airlines recommend you do NOT put laptops in checked luggage.

I would suggest that you do not pack your laptop in your checked luggage. The luggage that is checked gets tossed around as well as piled on top of each other, so there is a high probability of your laptop getting damaged in your travels.

Yes, I have a coworker who had no problems with that when traveling overseas, but it is a risk of having your laptop stolen. I would personally carry it on with me.
As for my coworker, she had it in her suitcase for 2 reasons.
1. Heavy.
2. It was her work laptop.

Hence if it was her personal one, I bet she would hand carry.

Not the greatest idea but sure you can.

Last year I was flying somewhere and security told me (not at check in) that I could not fly with more than one bag. I had my carry on and a laptop bag.

I back to the airlines desk and they tagged by laptop as "fragile". I was having a flippin heart attack checking it in but all was well.

Ask about that as I supposed many people do the same for larger things.

Yes you can.

You can.

You may.

But it would not be wise.

Paul C
i would put it in my suitcase but some ppl carry it so they can use it on the aircraft

happy flying

wizard of the East
Just, but pack it properly,
however, u can carry it with u and use it in the flight after take-off, especially on a long flight.

gary o
I don't know why not but wouldn't it be safer if you bought a case for it and carried it on?

Tyler J
Most airlines will no longer allow you to put you electronics (laptops, gaming consoles, monitors) in the cargo hold (check them). They see it as too great a risk for themselves. If you can get it checked, which i doubt you will, It may not work when you pick it up at your destination.

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