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Can I bring my pocket knife w/me on an airplane?

I have this swiss army knife that I have had ever since I was little and I use it almost every single day. I will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand in about a week for 22 days and I'm not sure if I could live w/out it. It' is about 1.5 inches long and it does have a sharp tip. It also includes a small scissors with a sharp tip aswell. I looked at the TSA guidlines but they weren't much help when it came to this question of mine. I would appreciate if someone could give me some advice. Thanx.

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Not a chance. Put it in your bags that you check and you will be okay... but DO NOT carry it on your person. Oh, and don't claim it going either direction... huge pain in the butt if you do. Make sure you simply put it in a secure bag within your big bag ( a toiletry bag is great).

Sarah M
Not unless you have a burning desire to take a guided tour of Guantanamo Bay.

Uncle Joe
You should be OK if you pack it in luggage which is going into the plane's cargo compartment. This means you can't get at it during the flight so it doesn't present a danger of hijack (I have done this several times). DON'T try to take it on in your hand luggage, it WILL be confiscated.

Darren E
The answer is no and rightly have no reason to have it during the flight unless you want to chisel something or pick your teeth.......but you can take it with you by informing the desk at checkin they will bag it and return it to you at your destination......if for somereason this doesnt work mail it! some airports have a mailing service or bring with you a self addressed envelope! Bit of a bŁastaŁ$ I know but this is the world today or cynically insuring aircraft is expensive these days

Mark F
if i were you i'd keep it in your checked baggage

If you don't put it in your checked baggage they'll take it away from you at the metal detector.

u cant bring it on the airplane as a carry-on but u can put it in a cargo bag and it should be fine in there just dont bring it with you to your seat

World Traveler
The rules are constantly changing with the TSA. I work for a airline and as of right now you can not carry on any type of knife or utility tool. I heard that was suppose to change soon though but not sure when. You can put it in your checked luggage just to be safe, don't try and carry it on with you, they will make you either go back and put in checked luggage or surrender it to them.

I would advice you not to carry it in your hand/carry-on luggage. There is a possibility of it being identified during security checks. Airports and airplanes world wide are very strict about carrying these objects on planes, especially after 9/11. Carry your swiss army knife in your check in luggage - I'm sure you'll be fine without using it - its only for a day or less anyway.

no not unless u want to be arrested for carrying a consealed weapon

check it or get it taken away!!!!!!!

Nah, don't bring it. You can't even bring nail clippers on a plane anymore. If they miss it once and find it later, you'll be in big trouble.

Avoid it altogether. Shove it in your luggage, NOT your carry on luggage, and you should be fine. You won't need it on the plane anyway.

More than likely no.I wanted to bring a pair of scissors and couldn't.

If you bring it with you, put it in your luggage and checked it in. You are not allowed to carry with you on your body at anytime you enter the terminal building.

You can retrieve it once you are out of the airport terminal building.


Are you kidding me! No... you cannot bring any such item onboard on your person or carry-ons, only checked baggage.

Cameron B
no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HM CUSTOMS WILL NOT ALLOW IT!! you arnt evern allowed to take a sharpener?!?!?!?

No, you won't be able to take it on with you, you would be better off checking it in. They don't even let you take metal nail files or lighters anymore so they could confinscate it.

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