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wijitra d

Can I bring small scissors on the plane in a carry-on bag?

small cosmetic scissors that is used to trim nose hair , for my case eyebrown.

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Technically, yes. As long as they have a blunt tip or the blades are less than four inches. (Otherwise, they'd have to be checked.)

However, the airport security guards do not always know the regulations and prohibited items list inside and out. If you get a security guard who isn't clear about the regulations, he/she may say that you can't. Though in that case, you could raise the issue with a supervisor, but depending on how much you need the scissors on the flight, it may not be worth the trouble!

Kaisatsu gave you the correct answer and the correct link.

I've taken my cosmetic kit through security many times with no problems.

If you have any concerns, you might wish to print out the web page that has the scissors regulation to show to the TSA agents.

Yes, you can. You can't take sharp-pointed scissors, but cosmetic scissors and even blunt-tipped craft scissors are permitted. The link you were given explains it all very well. I've never had trouble with things like that.

Very happily married.
No way, scissors are dangerous.

No. You have to put anything sharp in your checked through luggage. They'll take away your scissors.

Most airlines err on the side of caution and take anything that could potentially be used as a weapon.

Remember that situation a few years ago where that crazed lady with the nail clippers tried to hijack a plane?


If they look like scissors no. The airport security has jump so high to where the gift shops in the stores in the terminal wont even carry scissors. If they find it in the xray, they might ask you to give it to them. There even stricked about the liquid you bring on there. Sometimes they take away your lotion or water and stuff. They once asked me to take a drink out of my water bottle to make sure it wasnt poison.

NO!..sorry. No sharp scissor like objects are allowed due to safety.

Not anymore. They even are caution with liquids, so scissors, pretty obvious no.

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