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Can I bring this on the plane?

A sewing needle? and maybe a fingernail clipper? I would like to finish sewing my quilt while on the plane.
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Nevermind most of you are wong. I looked it up and YOU ARE ALLOWED to have them on the plane.

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okay, everyone is wrong... you can bring a needle and clippers. however, i did have troubles with my cucticle scissors before. scissors will be the toughest thing to get on the plane

i fly weekly and always have a sewing kit for a button repair and bring clippers.

Yes of course you can bring needles and a fingernail clipper.

It's too much paranoia around security. I have a fingernail clipper in my carry-on all the time. I don't have a needle, I think. It was a long time ago that I organized my bag. I usually steal all those "sewing kits" from hotel rooms so I'm sure there are some in the bag.

Here is the thing "never mind most of you are wrong" person.

TSA has their regulations but that can depend on the airport and how the security people choose to interpret them. At one airport a lighter can be OK. At others matches are fine but they have to be the flip open book type rather than those in a box.

Knitting needles may pass sometimes but other times they have to be the circular type or made of wood or plastic. Buy a meal and take it on the plane.... if the plastic knife has serrations then they may pull you aside.

Point is there is no real rhyme nor reason. You need to check your stuff in your luggage or face problems. Do your stuff before or after.

Mary L
It's sad but true that no matter what the TSA official rules might be, there are various security people at airports who take things away from passengers even when specifically allowed, and even when the passenger might have an official copy of those rules. Every single time I have had a clipper -- allowed by rule -- or a scissor with less than 1" blade length -- also allowed -- they have been taken away. My sister even had a cardboard emery file with rounded ends taken away! Fortunately neither of us has had a good scissor or clipper with us, and I always take a little fold-up scissors that cost about $1 -- I haven't lost much if it's taken, and they will work enough to clip a thread if one ever gets though security. I fly a lot, so I've started buying those little fold-up do-dads in 3-packs. So, I guess the bottom line is that you can certainly take those things with you, but don't be terribly surprised if they take them away from you anyway. There is one item that is actually forbidden but many stitchers seem to get through security consistently, and that is the Clover cutter pendent, worn on a chain or ribbon like a necklace. Go figure.

Aes Sedai
it depends- at some airports you can get through with a fingernail clipper- but the needle is unlikely

Mr. Answers...
When you go there, they will throw it away for you before you get to the airplane...
Sewing needle is strictly prohibited.

Good luck..

The heck are you going to do with a needle on a plane? Poke people to death? I mean they should

Justin C
No you can not... you can put it in your checked luggage... but they might not let you take that.

prop ably not.

No you cant bring either

Emily M
probably not...your not allowed to have lotion in your carry on so they'll probably be afraid you will poke people to death on the plane.

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