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Can I carry a lighter and cigarettes in my purse on plane?

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AliDawn Wants to Lick Nic
Well, I apparently have broken aviation rules because I packed a lighter in my checked luggage. Nothing was ever said about it. The airline I flew on didn't allow lighters in carry ons, but I did carry on cigarettes.

Yes, but you can't have a lighter in checked baggage. Just carry-on.

Gerald J
You most certainly can, the TSA lifted the ban on cigarette lighters in August of 2007, torch type lighters are still banned, here's the TSA webpage with information about lighters:
Cigarettes, in reasonable quantities have always been allowed.

Fly in the highest (mari)
you could carry your pack of cigarettes but no any type of lighter because that's consider a weapon

Yes, you can carry a lighter in your carry-on baggage, but not your checked bags.

Lighters are NOT permitted anywhere on the plane - not in your carry-on or checked luggage -

Depending on the airline, but most of them don't allow lighters. I usually through one in my check in baggage and nothing was ever said, but as for carry on they will not allow it. Stock up on matches at your local store and carry them on. They are allowed on carry on. Alot of times you will see lighters left on the ashtrays in the smoking section so that the person coming of the flight has something to light up with, but don't assume that they are going to be there. Most of the security officers through them in the trash I guess they are not smokers. Make sure you have your fill before you go through security, once you go through if you go out for a smoke then you will have to go back through security to get to your airline.

yep and ya can go in the bathroom and take off the fire alarm and smoke away.

Ian M
No. Lighters are not permitted anywhere on the plane. You can carry the cigarettes if you wish but smoking is not permitted on board.
Smoking is not permitted after you go air-side and probably not in the terminal at all, (but that varies, some countries do permit smoking in the terminal).

Ian M


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