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Can I leave the plane during a layover?

I'm traveling on my first flight that doesn't change planes, but it does have a 45 minute layover, is it possible to get off the plane or do they require you to stay on the plane?

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they usually make you stay in your seat until everyone else gets off so they can count you and make sure how many seats they have available on the next leg, then you can usually deplane. but for 45 mins it's hardly worth it because you'll have to stand in line to board again like everyone else. be sure to take your boarding pass with you when you get off.

i think you can

Peter G
depends on the airline and where you stop

Frost on the Bumpkin
You can get off the plane, but make sure you stay close. I almost lost my dad in Detroit that way, we were supposed to have a 90 minute layover, and the plane took off 60 minutes early. The tower sent them back to pick my dad up. You need to stay close by.

Either way. In fact I think they would prefer it so they can freshen up.

Sometimes you have to stay on the plane. Sometimes you have to get off and get back on. Occasionally you have to get off and get onto another plane, even though it's the same flight number. It depends on the airline, the airport, how much time they have, whether the incoming plane is being swapped out for service...

you can as long as you don't leave the airport

well in my experiance, a 45 min layover would require you to stay on the plane.
i once traveled with a smoker though, and they let her stand on the stairs outside the plane to smoke when she said she was having a panic attack. so if thats the problem....fake a panic attack =P

Ada S
Yes.Although I had one bad experience.I flew from Thailand to London and the plane stopped at Karachi,Pakistan.I was wandering around,with a whiskey,in a muslim country.

Who let the Trolls out?
Yes I think they will let you, but you will not have time to go far. It will depend on the airline, call them xox

rowena utopia
You are not required to stay on the plane, but your layover is very short. With 45 minutes you may only have time to get off for a bathroom break. Depending upon the size of the plane it will take 10 to 20 minutes to deboard everyone on the plane, some of which may have connections to make and will have priority over you. They will call for boarding of the plane 20 minutes before take- off time. That only leave 5 to 15 minutes for you to dash to the bathroom and get back. Usually if my layover time is that short, I won't get off the plane unless it's an emergency.

John Harris
Normally you can but since that is such a short period of time I wouldn't recommend it. Sometimes, planes leave early. If you get off and they leave early you will not only be stranded in a strange city, but someone will walk away with your luggage when you aren't there to pick it up when the plane lands at its final destination without you in it.

im pretty sure u have to stay on the plane. sometimes they let u get off tho

Usually the pilot will announce if there is time to get off the plane. I've always been able to get off, stretch, or get something to eat.

Jon L
i think you can,

Usually during a layover everyone must leave the plane, this is so that the plane can be refueled and cleaned. I have been traveling since I was 11 years old (now 35) I have never been allowed to remain on the plane during a layover.

They tell you to stay on.

Yeah you just re-board the plane with general boarding. There's really no reason to leave, unless your a smoker or really like airports.
They wont wait for you though so be sure to get back on time :D

Prance Stuard
You have to, in fact! They need to get everyone off the plane to clean it and to make sure when you get back on your ticket for the new destination is good.

You might not have much time to eat or hang out at the airport but you will have time for a bathroom break and to maybe grab a snack. Enjoy!

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