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Can a 17 Year Old Fly by Themselves?

I looked on travelocity for tickets and it told me that i couldn't by one ticket for a minor unless they were traveling with an adult.

How do i go about this?
Do i have to go to a travel agent?
Can't a minor fly by themselves?

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Travelocity doesn't sell tickets for people under 18 traveling alone.

At age 17 you can buy your own air ticket on your own through a travel agent or airline ticket agent.

You can also order your own ticket through the airline website or toll free phone number.

90% of airlines will consider 17 year olds adults in terms of traveling alone.

American Airlines considers anyone over 15 an adult and Southwest considers 12 year olds adults.

There is no law making it illegal for a 17 year old to buy his or her own ticket. A 17 year old buying an airline ticket alone is like a 17 year old buying an amtrak or Greyhound ticket.

E-mail me if you have any questions.

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17 year olds cannot buy tickets, but they can fly alone

maybe go to your travel agency

Yeah you can fly by yourself, i went to boarding school in the UK and had to travel back and forth to my home (Indonesia) from the age of 13. they will get an escort to go with you once your parents etc check you in. Its rubbish, they make you wait in some kids lounge and take your passport and flight tickets. Thats ok for younger kids but I found it a bit patronising having seen what I needed to do at an airport from traveling all my life with my parents. Its dead easy!

Get your parents or someone over 18 to buy your tickets, the rest should be fine. I think you are only considered a minor if you are under 16 too.

Jolin J
Yes 17 is old enough

it depends on the airline not travelocity- some will say 17 is okay other will
say they are minors

You will need to call the airline or go to a travel agency to book your ticket. However, on most airlines, you are regarded as a young adult for flying purposes. To be sure, check with the airline as to their policies on people under 18 years old flying. For example, American will let anyone over 15 fly as if they are an adult but they will also provide the service they give to younger travelers if requested (and paid for).

Sweet_Pinky <3
lol ALOT of people say this, during my travels everyone would say you need this, you need that, but keep looking everywere.... go to differnt travel agents and ask around, they will help you... ur 17 ha u soo are allowed to travel by urself, im 16 i travelled by myself @age 14....keep looking, what airline are u travelling by?

Minors cannot buy tickets due to some gov't regulations
They can, however, fly by themselves as long as an adult hands them off to the airline.

Redhead Drunk on Red Wine..Again
You can allow a child from 13 or older to fly alone, as long as they have adult permission.

You, the adult, has to buy the ticket and be at the airport to show the people at the airport that they are with an adult, but flying alone, and that there will be someone to pick them up when they land.

Fly in the highest (mari)
yes im also 17 ...and i fly International flights every month

An adult has to buy you the ticket and drive you to the airport and see you off. AN airline representative will make sure you are picked up at your destination by an adult party.

Kelly G
smoke enough weed, you can fly any wheres you want on your own or even with someone else

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