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Can a plane stop in air and be still?

my friend and I are having an argument ($50 at stake) about whether a plane can stop and be still in mid-air. Can anyone please answer this question, a pilot or someone very sure about this,

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The only way to have a plane "stop" in mid air and stay up is if you have a plane with an extremely low stall speed, which is the speed the plane must be going in order not to stall out. So supposing you have a plane with a 50 mph stall speed and a head wind of 50 mph then yes theoretically you could have a plane stop in mid air. Likewise, from personal experience with ultralight aircraft, if you had a headwind that is greater than the maximum airspeed that your plane is capable of, you can have a plane go backwards in the air. hope that helps..the winner can send me a portion of the 50 bucks if they'd

You'll have to be more precise in your question. The Harrier is a vertical/short take-off and landing (VSTOL) fighter jet that can hover like a helicopter using vectored thrust from its engine - the F-35 Lightning II will have a similar capability. A stunt or fighter plane is momentarily still at the top of a maneuver like a hammerhead stall. And technically, a plane with a true airspeed that exactly matches the headwind it faces is actually flying while not moving relative to the ground. There's an urban legend that a biplane in the '20s or '30s unintentionally "landed" inside an uncapped silo due to this effect.

yes it can. im absolutely sure. every plane rides i've been to had done it and i have seen thousands of planes be still in the air.
i know! it is miracuous! i hope that was what you are thinking...
good luck!

You can stop it in the air.. but it wont stay still, it will fall... Gravity takes over. Its called a stall.... my ex BF was a pilot, he took me up once and did it.. was fun! Least untill his friend got sick and puked! Then it smelled really bad! lol

Nick S. Has the Correct Answer. He must be a genius. My husband is a pilot. I read him the question. He said NO WAY untilll.....I read him Nick's answer and my husband said he must have been a genius. Lets all send him 50.00.


no it cant


Hi, I have read a lot about the subject because I'm a fearful flyer, and the answer is no.

Here are the reasons, according to Dr. Duane Brown, author of Flying Without Fear:

Planes have four forces at work on them as they fly:
1. Drag, due to wind resistance.
2. Thrust, which comes from jet engines or propellers.
3. Gravity.
4. Lift, which comes from the action of the wings.

So, if a plane stops in the air, there will be no thrust (speed) and it will fall.

this is a commen sense question lol and the answer is no, well yes a plane can be still for a few seconds but then it will start to go down. Its commen physics.

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