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Can i bring a hair straightener and a kinda sharp tweezer on the plane?

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The Pink Airplane
I'd suggest putting them in your packed baggage, but you'll probably be able to bring the hair straightener in your carry-on. The tweezers, however, I'm not so sure about - just put them in your checked baggage if possible.

I just went on a weekend trip from CA to TX and brought my flat iron (I can't go ANYWHERE without it!) and tweezers on a carry-on. Security did not stop me and did not take my tweezers from me. If you are only going to have a carry-on, make sure your liquid items are 3 oz. or less and that all of them fit into a 1 qt. size Ziploc bag. This includes make-up such as liquid foundation, lip gloss, mascara, etc. I had all of my liquids in one Ziploc and all of my other "dry" cosmetic stuff in a regular make-up bag. If you have time before your trip, go to any make-up counter at a mall and ask them for sample size cream containers. Clinique and other make-up brands use them to send home samples of their face creams with customers. I have found that these containers are perfect for taking sunscreen and night cream on short plane trips...they are reusable and don't cost a cent.

Have fun wherever you are going!

You can bring a flat iron on a plane in a carry-on but not your tweezers. Airport security will just take your tweezers away and you will never see them again. Put them in your checked luggage or buy a new pair at your destination if you only want to have a carry-on.

I'm traveling as well, next week. I'm 99% sure you can take your straightener with you on the plane, but I'm not sure about the tweezers. Check the TSA website to make sure. I'm checking my bag just to be safe. I'd rather know for a fact that it's in my checked luggage than have to deal with security issues if I'm not allowed to have it on the plane.

tweezers are funny - sometimes confiscated, sometimes not.

If the hair straighteners are battery or cell operated (eg they don't have a cord) then no you can't bring them onboard. But, if they are regular corded hair straighteners then they are usually fine. But check with the airline.

are you flying international or domestic?
if it's international, i'd advice you to put both items in a check-in baggage. if it's domestic, you could most probably bring them both, but i'd check with the person at the check-in counter regarding the tweezers.

Dhawal S
im afraid they will check your bags and will not let you take a tweezer or a hair straightner. Wat u can do is buy a hair straightener after u reach ur destination and when ur leaving sell the hair straightener for the price u bought it for. It works...

Hi ta Holla 2
No. Airplane security is very strict. You can't even bring shampoo.

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