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Can i bring food on an airplane?

i am flying out on thursday to see my boyfriend graduate from his Navy boot camp. one thing that is allowed when he is out of graduation is cookies. am i allowed to bring the cookies on the airplane or do i have to pray that they don't get crushed in my suitcase. i have tried to look things up on the internet, but they only talk about things being in 3oz. containers and plastic quart sized packages. they don't ever talk about baked goods. and what about candy? any input is well appreciated.

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Now they do serve food in flight. And you can purchase some baked goods on arrival, if you would like to take some thing to him for a treat. And of course candy can be purchased on arrival as well a special box of chocolates perhaps .

Kiwi Chemistry Teacher
On a domestic flight any food is allowed, only liquids are restricted to 3 (fluid) oz containers. On international flights any fresh fruit, veg and meat must be eaten or thrown out before going through customs in the arrival country. I take fresh fruit on plane flights outside of the country all the time, I just have to eat it before arrival or while standing in line at customs. Anyway, I've never had any trouble with baked or packaged food.

I think you can bring food on the plane. Just not liquids including drinks.

cookies fine, candy fine. My Dad's not a pilot, but I know that! Just bear in mind that TSA might want to check them out, if they are in your hand bring enough to share....

Cupcake!!! What a fantastic idea. Cookies are a go. Make a bunch, carry them on and enjoy watching your boyfriends delight when he opens it! So happy for you. Good Luck

You can bring any food you wnt on the plane. They do not feed you on the planes, so you can anything that is not more than 3 oz of liquid. You can bring a pizza if you want.

??¢???[[is 14!]]
Yes. You can bring cookies. But either way, some are gonna get crushed. Its a guarantee that some are gonna get crushed. Why don't you buy some when you land?

Cookies are fine. If they're in a sealed package, they'll sail right through. If they're home baked, the TSA may wish to do a secondary examination of them. It would be best if they didn't contain chocolate, gel candies, or anything forbidden on the TSA site.

Dean Bean
whats a airplane don't u mean an aeroplane or plane and u can on domestic flights

This is a simple one and it spins me oput that so many people rambled on... anyway.
Domestic --- YES
International ---NO

you can put in your baggage if you're checking it
but you can't put it in your carry on

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