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Can i still take my handbag as well as my hand luggage when flying ?

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Usually, you are allowed to take one carry on bag and a "personal item". A personal item might include a handbag, book, travel pillow or travel umbrella. So the answer to your question would be yes. However.....

A trick that I use is to pack my empty handbag in my checked luggage. I carry most of my handbag items in my carry-on suitcase (money, check book, pens, credit card case). Then when I get to my destination, I refill my handbag for the duration of my visit.

By doing this, I have one extra item that I can carry on the plane. I usually choose my travel pillow as my "personal item".

I flew with Easyjet from Bristol on 1st January 2007. I had a very very small handbag and one small piece of hand luggage. As I passed through security I was called over and told to check my hand luggage in at check-in as I was only allowed one piece. (Handbag was counted as a 2nd piece.) I managed to shove my handbag into my hand luggage and was, very reluctantly allowed through. I would definitely only take one piece of hand luggage unless you want a problem at security. It's ironic though because you are able to purchase goods once through security which may amount to several bags. It just doesn't make any sense at all to me.

No. A handbag is considered a piece of hand luggage. So you have to put your handbag into your other piece of hand luggage while you go through security!

No, sorry. It's now just one piece of hand luggage in total.

This is from the British Airports Authority, which runs the UK's airports:^Corporate^All+Press+Releases&ChIDPath=caf397dc2eb12010VgnVCM100000147e120a____^2292ea0bb0022010VgnVCM100000147e120a____^ac4597dc2eb12010VgnVCM100000147e120a____
"Other bags, such as handbags, may be carried WITHIN the single item of cabin baggage, not in addition. "

No. A handbag is obviously hand luggage. You can put it inside your one piece of hand luggage.

no. just bring a one hand luggage with you.

Two bags in hand, no more.

I have travelled to most countries, and as far as I know its ok to take your handbag and a flight bag, providing your handbag is not a huge great thing of course! Have a great flight!

Actually, u can providing ur handbag isnt as big as ur hand flew a few times across Europe from Sweden, had no problems..maybe its a lil different in the US?

Yep. You can have one carry on and your handbag! Happy flying!

In December, when I flew to Vegas, I took a handbag, as well as a carry on and security had no issues with it. So my answer is yes.

ian t
When we went on holiday inSeptember I was able to take my bag as well as my hand luggage,but we were going to Turkey.It nay be different for outside Europe,or USA.

On most U.S. flights you're allowed to take a purse/handbag and one carry-on item that must fit either (a) underneath the seat in front of you or(b) in the overhead bin. Some airlines will allow you to take two carry-on bags, like a garment bag and one of those small roll-away suitcases, but they're getting away from that. Your purse/handbag shouldn't be a problem, but for anything else I'd check with the airline just to be safe.

Sarah B
Last time I traveled I had a carry-on and a purse, and it was not a problem. I had to put my purse or "hand bag" under the seat in front of me, and the carry on in the over head compartment.

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