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Can i take an inhaler on a plane?

im off to spain in september travelingw ith 2 young kids , my daughter who is 1 has an inhaler , a blue salamol salbutamol type , (she not been diagnosed with asthma but often gets chesty and been in hospital with it)
im flying with ryan air from liverpool , can i take the inhaler in my hand luggage as it says it a pressurised aerosol on back of it and i thought aerosols were not allowed on board a plane- what do i do?
i dont want to leave it just incase her chest gets bad with the heat etc

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~ S?v?? ?f N??? ~
Yes you can

Asthma inhalers are fine
Its the larger ones that are the problem

Just tell them when you check in at the airport

David W
Yes, you can take it on the plane no problem, unless it is strapped to a sub-machine gun. Then you may have a problem.

It is probably worth getting a note from your doctor to prove that you actually need it and they may ask you to demonstrate it is just an inhaler before boarding. This will involve you actually taking a dose of it, just to prove it's not full of liquid explosives!

you should be able to coz its medication. might be worth checking with the airline though.

Yes, that's fine. I always take mine with me, plus a spare in my hand baggage, and I always show it on inspection, no problems at all. As "belt & braces" I also carry a copy of the prescription in case I need to prove it, but I've never been asked.

Don't put it in the hold baggage.

You can happily take your inhaler with you. The airines have no problems with it. I regularly take mine with me and it has been seen by hundreds of the security check staff and never been questioned. So nothing at all to worry about. If you do get questioned you can tell them that you have to carry it on doctors orders and ask them how up to date they are with dealing with a patient with breathing difficulties, that will usually resolve any issue. Any doctor will inisist that a patient that has been prescribed a salbutamol inhaler should have it with them. Security and airline staff should be aware off this. I hope that the asthama isn't diagnosed and that the breathing problems resolve themselves. Anyway good luck and keep that inhaler handy

Yes, of course. I take mine all the time. they can't stop you as it is a life-saving medication.

fo course...just declare it..put it in a clear plastic bag and show way can they take that away from you..its a life and death thing..

You can take those on planes but you will need to have it in the box with the label from the the pharmacy with her name, etc.

Aerosols can't go in checked bags because the luggage area isn't pressurized which makes the cans go boom.

katy louise
you should be able to just ask somone at the air port if its alright it should be because its to help her suvive

please help;_ylt=Am9IUp.9arwnbp7mr34nwqrsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080724104022AAbblJp

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