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Can you bring a piano keyboard on a plane?

Because Im goin to Canada by plane in spring and I wanna perform in talent show @ camp, and obviously cant bring piano aboard plane, so can I bring keyboard or no?
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P.S. I don't mean carry-on (I mean if I need to, tell me) but luggage or carry-on, as long as I get the thing on the plane, and with me when I arrive

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Eric B
I know musicians that travel and have had their instruments damaged when checking them in as luggage. Some of them have gone as far as to buy a ticket for their instrument, so that it can sit in its own seat. Many airlines will sell these tickets at half fare. This certainly is the safest route.

You can always talk to the airline before traveling. They have allowed me to store a trombone in one of the closets for the airline attendants before. This is an ideal situation--free and safe!

I hope this helps.

Cynthia W
most traveling musicians get expensive heavy-duty flight cases for their instruments, such as

as a musician myself, I have heard many horror stories of instruments being virtually demolished by the people handling the luggage. I would be pretty cautious in bringing your keyboard.

If I were you, I would check with the camp to see if they have a piano there! I can't imagine a camp not having a piano or a keyboard!

i was a former tour manager for my friends band and we brought a whole bunch of wierd instruments with us. we had drums and keyboards and glass harmonicas with us in the overhead compartments. so you should be able too.

John M
I don't see why not. As long as it is tagged and in a carry pouch or duffle bag you should be fine. I would suggest finding a hard case for it so it doesn't end up on the bottom of the suitcase pile unprotected.

Joshua Z
Yes, you will most likely be able to bring it. Call or email your airline beforehand, informing them that you're bringing it; they'll tell you everything you need to know.
You won't be able to carry it on. It's too long to fit in the overhead bin, and they won't put it in the closet.
Wrap it in bubble-wrap or something, and write FRAGILE ***all over it***. Also, tell the check-in agent or whoever takes it from you that they should be careful with it.
Good luck!
BTW, this will count as one of your checked items. Most airlines allow a maximum of two 50-lb. items per person. Smaller carriers (e.g. regional carriers) may allow only one if your flight is on an especially small plane. But, if you have high status with the airline (lots of miles), they may allow you to bring up to three items instead of just two.

Mrs.Cullen ♥▲♦◊♪ (anti-jonas!)
I suppose you could if it it isnt very big and you brought head phones

dont think so

Just like a cell phone and certain other devices, you should be able to bring it on the plane. You may not be able to play it or use it, though, because, like cell phones, it may emit frequencies from the notes that could interfere with the plane's instruments because of your instrument! So make sure you "take note" of this! Various technical people are working on solutions to resolve this problem so make sure you stay "tuned" as time goes on!!

Sure, if you can play a nice song for the inspectors

You could maybe bring like a small three-scale keyboard with earphones, but a full scale keyboard would probibly not work, you should call the airline to see for sure or you could just buy two plane seats.

Gary D
As long as it will fit in the overhead bins and it will pass through the metal detectors, yes you can bring it on the plane.

Water Girl!!!
no but you can proably put in your suitcase

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