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Can you bring lipgloss on the airplane?

It is a United States airline, and I know you can't bring liquids but can you bring lipgloss in your carry on?

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Taffy Saltwater
The TSA's 3-1-1 liquid carry on rule is:

3 ounces or less per 3 ounce(or less) bottle (not 3 ounces in a six ounce bottle.

1 - one quart see through ziplock bag that has to be sealed

1 - one ziplock bag per person

You have to take your ziplock bag out of the carryon & put it in the plastic carton for xray. You can bring your lipgloss in the ziplock bag.

aaron a
you can but it cant be over 3 ounces

Starry Eyes
they let me thru with all my lipgloss and lotion. i flew from canada to the states and even in customs they let me thru

These two sites should tell you everything you need to know prior to going to the airport:

NO lipgloss counts as a gel...they will take it away.

Arizona Brit
As long as it is not more than 3 ounces, you will be fine.

Sure. As long as the gloss is three ounces or less (most glosses are) and it is secured in a quart-size clear bag, that can be resealable (like Ziploc), if you wish to bring it as a carry-on. If it isn't a carry-on, there is no ounce restriction and you can just simply check it through. Lip Gloss is crucial and I wish you luck!

For more details go to this website:

♥♥♥QT'Z @ PLAY♥♥♥
as long as it is in a 3 ounce clear plastic bag or smaller, you are ok! or you can always buy it after security.

bunny luver
Yes you can bring lip gloss. yesterday I went on an airplane with lip gloss in my carry on and I got through fine. Lip gloss does not count as a liquid.

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