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Can you find out if someone bought a plane ticket for your child without your permission?

Need to see if my ex bought tickets for our kids without telling me.

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yes every ticket is bought with a credit card and if you show proof to the airline that you're the parent then they will tell you who bought the ticket

Brett G
My best guess would be to go to the airlines web site and enter the childs name. A reservation should show up if one was made and paid for. The next thing I would do is to contact a travel agent. They have easy access to records, and might be able to answer any questions you have.

Call the airline and tell them you're confirming the tickets for your children. Give your childrens' names and the date of travel (hopefully you know it). If you don't know the exact date, make up a story and tell them that your brother (or someone) bought the tickets and may have mixed up the exact day. Could they check around the possible travel day? It also helps to have the destination. It's not necessary, though. If you don't have it, don't volunteer information you don't have.

Another way of doing this is to consult your divorce lawyer and tell him what your fears are. Ask him or her to help you check the airlines for airplane tickets. With airline security being what it is now, he is going to need id, at least, to travel anywhere and a passport for everyone to travel out of the country. Be sure you are in possession of your children's passports.

If you really are concerned, you could have a friend follow your ex on the day he comes to pick them up. See if he takes them to the airport. The friend would then call you if he does and you would then intercept him before anything happens. You can also call airport security and have them intercept him before anything could happen in this scenario.

daljack -a girl
Call the airport and ask if there's a ticket for _______?

If you didn't buy it then it was bought without your permission.

Hire a P.I. and have him check his credit and cell phone...You will really need a pro with this.
I feel for you on this one..I can only imagine if I was worried about
Do you still have your lawyer - If you need any help brainstorming just drop me a mail.

If you know what airline they usually buy from and the day/days involved I think you can call their number and ask if they have a reservation under their names. He would have to put their names on the tickets I think....

Christine B
You can verify reservations if you have a date and time

Angela W
ring the travel agents and ask them they may be able to help you with that.

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