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Can you fly overseas with a small dog in cabin with you during the entire flight?

If so, what airlines allow this. Possible flight would be Norfolk, VA to Dubai or Bahrain?

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yes you may , most airlines allow a small pet into a plane but the pet must in a small kennel with the airline precisions that will fit under your seat :

Plane Travel With Your Puppy

Puppies must be at least eight weeks old to travel on an airplane. If you do decide to travel by plane with your puppy, do some research first and arrange your plans far in advance of the trip.

Always choose an airline that offers nonstop service--a flight without stops--to and from your destination. If you can't get nonstop service, try to get a direct or through flight, which is a flight that stops but doesn't require passengers to change planes.

Naturally, if you have to travel on a direct flight, look for one with as little time on the ground as possible during the stopover. Also, use the same airline for your entire trip.

If your puppy is small, it can travel in the passenger cabin with you or it can travel as checked baggage. However, if your puppy is larger, you'll have to ship it as either standard cargo or counter-to-counter cargo.

The Passenger Cabin
Most airlines will allow your puppy to travel in the passenger cabin if you follow certain rules. For example, puppies in the passenger cabin must remain in a safe kennel that's placed under the seat in front of you. A kennel is actually a Pet carrier.

If you want your puppy to fly with you in the passenger cabin, make your reservations as early as possible. Airlines restrict the number of Pets allowed in the passenger cabin of each flight.

Also, the clerk needs to assign you a seat with enough room for your puppy. Space under the aisle seats can be narrower than space under the center and window seats.

In addition, some airlines don't allow passengers with Pets to sit in an exit row. So, if you don't register early, the flight may be either closed to additional Pets, or there may not be a seat left with enough room for your puppy.

Check your airlines for the maximum dimensions for a kennel in the passenger cabin. In general, the maximum dimensions are usually around 21 inches long, 13 to 16 inches wide and 8 or 9 inches high.

Zippered, soft kennels work well in the passenger cabin because they're flexible. Make certain these kennels have lots of cushioning and that the zipper is secure. (It's really embarrassing if your puppy gets out and decides to run around the plane.)

Also, the kennel must be properly ventilated on at least two sides. Be certain to label the kennel with your name, address ,and telephone number. In addition, make sure your puppy is wearing a collar with an ID tag.

Once you call and reserve your puppy's space, you may pick up its ticket when you pick up yours. A ticket for your puppy in the passenger cabin will cost around $50 for a one-way trip.

Some commuter airlines don't allow Pets in the passenger cabin, so you want to use jet service whenever you can. Most airlines insist that there must be enough room in the carrier for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down.

(They won't let your puppy on the plane unless it can do this.) Therefore, your puppy or dog must be relatively small in order to travel this way.

Checked Baggage
Most dog owners prefer their dogs to fly in the passenger cabin, so they can watch over them. However, it's not always possible for your dog to fly this way.

Larger dogs can't fly in the passenger cabin. In addition, airlines only allow one dog in a carrier, so if you're flying to visit a friend with your two poodles, the airline won't allow your dogs in the passenger cabin. (A few airlines do allow two very young puppies to share a kennel.)
be sure that if you are planing a trip that you call real early ,for they do not allow more than on pet per flight ......
visit you pet's vet before leaving for instructions on travel , food and water
for international flights ? the cost of the pet flying fee is higher .....


No animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, fish...) are allowed in the cabin of any passenger aircraft.

But you can have your pet to travel with you registering it with the airline in an appropriate cage/box which will be placed in the belly of the plane like your suitcases.

That's My Best Answer!

Fun Fearless!!
Absolutely not unless you fly on your own private jet.

sure, it can bark at my rhino

Depends on the airline but the dog will prorobly have to go as checked baggage. Dont listen to people that say putting pets underneth is dangerous, I know someone that works for Qantas and they say that having a pet as checked baggage is perfectly safe.

The dog will most likly get thursty, and start barking wich would be a hassle for othe passengers

Absolutely not - most unfair to other passengers!

I think all do if the dog fits in a carry on size crate.

Depends on the airline. You may have trouble flying from Norfolk because many airlines use small jets or commuter aircraft from that airport which cannot carry pets in the cabin even if the operating airline has a policy of accepting pets.

Your best bet would go to an international 'hub' airport like Washington Dulles or Charlotte and check with the international airlines that can carry all the way to your destination. Off the top of my head, British Airways and Lufthansa might work.

Another thought would be to travel by train/ground transprotation to New York where you can flight Emirates Airlines non-stop to Dubai. If Emirates takes pets in the cabin this would be an excellent choice. Much easier on you and your pet having just one take off and landing.

If you have not already done so, you need to make sure your destination country will accept your pet. Some countries have mandatory quarantine periods, for weeks or even months, and other countries flat out will not allow foriegn pets to enter the country.

As some of the others have said, first you need to see if the country you are flying to will accept the animal and/or breed. Secondly if they do allow cabin pets, there are only a certain number allowed in each cabin per flight and its a first come first serve basis. Thirdly, you can not for any reason remove the animal from its kennel mid-flight. For International flights, this can make for a very long flight. You could need to sedate the dog for the flight.

yes call to make sure

search the internet, the answer might be right under your nose ............ nah im kidding. yes u can only if it has a muzzle on and a lead.
dont know what airlines though .... dont live anywhere near norfolk or even in america.

saved one
WHAT do I look like an AIRPORT ??? call 411

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