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Fancy N Da Pantz

Can you take food on a plane?

I'm flying with United, whether that matters or not. Anyway I wanted to know if I could bring food on the plane with me. I know that I can bring food that you buy at the airport, but I wanted to take a sandwhich or something from home. Same with drinks. I'm flying to Hawaii from Philadelphia so it's gonna be a long flight and a lot of people tell me the food you buy on the plane sucks.

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LOL i got two different answers. If I can bring food how do bring it on?

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Elly H
YES - Food in general is allowed on flights. Cooked food is definitely allowed on board -- sandwiches, chips, etc. are fine. There are exceptions, however. Liquids aren't allowed past security, which include juice, milk, even water. However, once you've gone through the security gate, you can purchase water and juice from vending machines in your waiting area to take on your flight with you.

The state of Hawaii restricts certain agricultural items for the protection of its fauna and flora, which of which are unique to the islands. Raw seafood, fresh fruits, etc. are not allowed. You will be required to fill out an "agriculture declaration form" on board your Hawaii-bound plane. So, if you bring an apple with you, you'd better eat it and dispose of the rest on board of your plane, or you'd be subject to inspection once you land.

of course you can!
but no drinks

In your hand luggage, you can ONLY bring solid items on the plane but not Liquids.

summer! :D
i bring food. but i dont think you can bring drinks

Jeff B
Yes you can bring food but no drinks,but you can get free drinks on the plane from the stewardess anyways.(soda pop,water)

Mum D
no food is allowed

When i flew to Hawaii, we flew American Airlines and we where allowed to bring food and drinks that we had bought at the terminal with us like McDonald's and subway. But i bet it is different depending on the airline. You should call them and ask just to be sure.

you can not take food from Home onto the airplane
TSA will throw it away it but after security you buy your hearts
worth of food at any place in that terminal where your flight is
plus most airlines will sell lunch pack to you (I tried US airways
and United lunch (not bad)

ann w
to my knowledge no food or drink can be taken on planes, if you want to know for sure the best thing to do is enquire at the airport,,ring or send an email.

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