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Can you take hairspray and deodorant on a plane?

I'm going to london tomorrow from Glasgow and i'm confused as to whether i can take a big can of hairspray and deodorant etc with me? Do i take them in my hand luggage or do i put them in my case that will be checked in? Please help! Thanks! (Ps - i have looked for info on websites but there's so much information)

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Lilith Raven
Hi - I go to Glasgow about every other week.

You can take small (100ml) can in your hand luggage, everything else needs to go in the checked in luggage.

Hope this helps

Linda B
you must put them in your case in hold.

Candy. cesc fabregas?
keep them in your luggage.

i think it has to be in a luggage. if they check it and find your hairspray, they might throw it out.


when in doubt just put it in your checked lugguge, you can even put knives in checked luggage, make sure you don't lock the luggage. If you do lock the luggage make sure you have the attendant hand search it first before locking it. hope this helps. I recently went traveling via plane.
Dont take bottled water tru the security, they make you go back to empty it and go tru the line again, starting at the end. Not a good place to start, again, at L.A.X.

As long at they are under 100ml then it's no problem - any bigger than that then put in your hold luggage.

I travel every week on uk internal flights and have no problem with my travel sized toiletries.

jr ?
?u can put them in suitcase obv. =)
not hand luggage tho

you put them in the check in luggage.

When we travelled we were told not in hand luggage but fine in the hold luggage, so to be on the safe side I would put it in your hold luggage as if you put it in your hand luggage and you aren't allowed to, by then the only thing you will be able to do is bin it before you get on the plane...when we went they had bins right by the boarding gates especially for stuff that wasn't allowed and it was full of designer perfumes and potions and lotions, so you wouldn't want to lose yours to the bin!

Those people who are giving information regarding the TSA's policy on liquids and aerosols should note that the person is asking about a flight between Glasgow (in Scotland) and London (in England). The TSA is a US government agency with zero jurisdiction in the UK, so those answers aren't particularly helpful.

That having been said, the restrictions on all flights within the European Union require that liquid deodorant and hairspray in containers larger than 100mL be placed in checked luggage. You can take them with you, but they can't be in your hand-carried luggage if they exceed that size.

The website below is from the British Airways website, but it applies to all airlines operating within the European Union, including the UK.

Laura C
They say no but i had a body spray and no one noticed it! If you get really small ones they probably won't notice. Get deodorant wipes if you're worried, i did that.

Check in only you can't take them in hand luggage.

i wouldnt put them in any luggage, even checked baggage, since it is a pressuriesed container and flamable. but when i was going on my holidays you werent allowed to carry things like that through security, but there was a Boots pharamacy in duty free and i bought deoderant and sprays there and i was allowed them on the aircraft.
hope this helps

Barbara Doll to you
No, only snakes.

You will need to check them as aerosols are not allowed in the cabin. ALSO REMEMBER TO PACK ANY LIQUIDS IN A SEPARATE PLASTIC BAG FOR SECURITY AND THESE ALL NEED TO BE LESS THAN 100ML EACH

Hey, It's Just Me
Yes, if it is 3 oz or smaller you can carry it on the plane. You can also check any size in your suitcase.

check here:

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