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Can you text or call someone while flying on an airplane?

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Well the answers above have the commercial rules covered, but if you are flying on a plane that is equipped with the proper technology, then yes, it's possible to have text and cell service on a flight.

My wife's company has their own private jet, and their CEO always calls them from his Blackberry while flying. Most airlines will not put this in their planes because A.) It's too expensive, and B.) Flights would be really annoying if you had 150 people all talking on their phones all flight long.

You're supposed to turn off your cell phone. No, it's not going to cause the plane to go down, and the pilots have no idea if you have your phone on or not, however, having it on while on a flight will drain your battery because it's searching constantly for a signal.

not with your cell phone!

as soon as the door of the plane closes your phone has to be turned OFF, not just to silent, but OFF. they worry because the signals may cause 'pinging' in the pilot's headphones so he couldn't hear air traffic control

you can pay to use the satellite phones that are on some planes at about $10 a call. i've never seen anyone actually use them becuase it's so expensive

Captain Art Griego
No, not during flight at least. But ask yourself this: why in the bloody blue blazes of Heaven above would anyone want to listen to you yammer mindlessly into your Nokia about the party you went to last weekend or that "super cute guy" you met at the mall for hours on end? I'd rather ride in coach class with a screaming baby next to me whilst drinking flat Diet Coke from a plastic cup. And Captain Art Griego NEVER flies coach.

GOD bless you-

Captain Art Griego

P.S. And don't even THINK about texting. Was that last "LOL" you sent worth potentially interfering with the aircraft's sensitive electronics systems? Why risk burning alive in a mass of twisted wreckage in the middle of an Iowa cornfield. Is ending up in a makeshift morgue in a high school gymnasium somewhere really worth it?

Some airlines have phones in the seat backs. You need a credit card with a healthy balance to use them.

No, Use of a cell phoneis prohibited on all flights. No exceptions

21 & Lovin' It!
No it doesn't work. Most cell phones don't get service from that high up.

Captain James Richards
Not while you're above a certain altitude where there is no longer cell service

The rules are there are to be no electronic devices turned on during takeoff and landing. But as an airline captain, I frequently leave my cell phone on during flight. It's an old rule by the FAA, and it won't do any harm to the radio systems.

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