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Broken Pearls

Chihuahuas. if you take your chihuahua on a plane with you as hand luggage, during flight can i take her out??

i dont even know if you can or not but, are you allowed to take a chihuahua on board a plane as handluggage, if so, when the plane is flying, can i take her out of the bag and put her on my knee and play with her? or is this not allowed?

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Just Jess
NO, you CAN NOT take your dog out of the carrier during the flight, or in the airport for that matter.

I travel with my service dog quite a bit. It's not easy traveling by air with a dog, but this is the advice I gave someone else who was flying with their dog:

Don't take your dog with you if you don't have to!!!! Traveling is very stressful on dogs, regardless of whether or not they are in the cabin.

Your dog is small enough that he could go in an airline approved carrier under the seat in front of you. Keep in mind that there is a charge for this, most airlines limit the number of 'cabin pets', and if your dog is disruptive you can and most likely will be removed from the flight.

Regardless of how your dog flies (either in the cabin or in cargo) you will need to obtain a health certificate from your vet, dated no more than 14 days prior to the fight date. Your dog will need to be current on all vaccinations. You will need to limit your dog's food and water for at least 12 hours prior to flight time.

Remember that most airports don't have potty facilites for your dog. This means your dog will have to potty before you leave your house, and then won't be able to go again until you reach your destination.

***Dogs are not allowed to be out of their carriers during transportation, or while in the terminal. Your dog will be confined to whatever carrier you are using from the time you enter the airport until the time you leave.***

Again, I really encourage you to rethink taking your dog with you. If you still decide that you want to take your dog with you, please make sure that your dog is wearing a snug fitting buckle collar or harness with your cell phone number on a tag.

Average Joe
You can bring a pet in an approved pet carrier on the plane but must be stowed underneath your seat for the duration of the flight. You cannot take your pet out. Also, you must make advanced arrangements with the airline you are planning on taking. Also check with the airlines web site for their rules about pets.

No, it's not allowed at all. Your dog must be in its carrier at all times during the plane.

I don't think it is allowed, but you could always check with the airline first.

Heather P
Depending on the airline, some will allow small pets as Carry-on (cats, small dogs) as long as they can be stowed under the seat. I don't believe you are ever allowed to take the pet out of the carrier, however.

Every airline has different rules.

Go to the website of the airline you are flying on (or want to fly on) and look up their policies on animals. Sometimes you have to fly them as stowed luggage (down below the passenger compartment -- but in a pressurized warm portion). Sometimes you have to buy an extra seat for them if you want to carry them on with you. Sometimes it is just an extra fee that you have to pay.

I have flown cats before, but never as carry-on. I have never seen a situation where an animal is allowed loose in the passenger compartment so, the answer to your question is: probably, no.


in general, no. You have to keep her in her carrier under your seat. Probably due to liability issues

Unless it is a seeing eye dog, it is not allowed. And dont even think of passing of a chihuahua as one. They dont allow animals in the passenger area for many reasons, but a short list would be:
Liability if the dog was to bite someone
Some people have allergies to dogs, some reactions can be fatal, and on a plane there is no medical help
What to do when the dog has to go to the bathroom?

Also, dont try to sneak it on in a handbag, you will get caught and end up missing your flight.

Rigby R
Don't listen to the answerers who said dogs are never allowed in the passenger area- that's BS. I know of a few people who have flown with their small dogs under the seat. If the dog is under 20 pounds, some airlines allow them to be carried and stowed under the seat and only allow ONE dog per plane. You will not be able to take the dog out. I recommend getting something to calm the dog (from your vet) or "rescue remedy", calming drops sold in pet catalogs for the sake of your dog- my two would probably freak out in that situation.

if you have pets, they would have to go in the baggage section of the lie. Thats what happend to my doggy fluffels :(

You won't be able to take the chihuahua on as hand luggage at all.

You may not even be able to take it...

Depends on country laws + airport + airway company policy.

Ask the company you're flying with..

Goth Skunk
No, you can't.

And if I was on the same plane as you, I would very likely kill the dog.

The Great Gazoo
As far as I know when traveling all pets are put in the luggage compartment in specially designated area. No pets no matter how small are permitted in the cabin of the plane.

no , a dog is not a passenger

i don't think you can do it(take her with you). you can load her with all the luggage.

call your airline and ask them about it. the best way.

It's not allowed, for safety of other passangers and the animal if the plane has a crash or something.

Mamilinda :)
If you sit in the back they might let you. They don't like to but you just have to be nice to them. If your dog starts barking then don''s annoying!

you can on sertian planes...not all

Ashley D
Like, oh my GOSH, maybe, like, you should, like, ask the stewardess on the airplane.

you just say hi

you can take her out as long as she doestn start barking and the people sitting next to you dont mind....and as long as she doesnt get loose in the plane- trust me that's a pretty bad situation.............hope i helped :)

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