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Angie N

Do I need a driver's license to fly or are there other forms of i.d. that I can use?

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With in the United States, it is not an FAA Requirement to prove your ID. However, it is an airline policy. So, if you do not have a driver's liscense, you need some form of valid non-expired government issued ID such as a State ID card or two forms of government issued non-photo ID. If you have an expired Driver's Liscense, you can present that and accompany it with an original birth certificate with raises seal, social security card, Passport will work on its own, but if expired you will need a 2nd form. Voter's Registration, Vehicle Registration a hunting or fishing liscense will work as well. Anything that is issued by local, state or federal government, if not a drivers liscense you must have 2 forms of anything listed above. Credit Cards, Whole Sale Warehouse cards, student ID's are not valid forms of identification. If you can not provide any of these, they will make you sweat a little bit, but you do not have to provide ID. You will however be a selectee and go through a full search, so make sure you arrive at the airport in ample time.

IF you try to check in with out ID and a ticket agent gives you hassle, tell them that there is no FAA requirement to verify ID. They can turn you away, it is airline policy, but they should just give you a hard time and then make you a selectee. IF you are traveling outside of the US to Canada, Mexico or Carribean, you will have to have a passport as of the end of January. If you have time, go up to your local DMV and get a new liscense or atleast photo ID. You cant just get it from any place that advertises making ID's. They HAVE to be from a government issuing agency.

city girl
You need at least a state id card or a passport should work. But yes you need some kind of picture id to board a plane.

Something credible with a photo Id

G Dogg
You need an official state ID or Passport to prove your identification.

Jen G
Yes, you have to have a state or federal issued identity card, either a driver's license, id card, or a passport.

Ranjeeh D
Some of the budget airlines in the UK will only accept a passport as ID, even for domestic travel.

Hi Mate!

U need only PASSPORT to travel to international sector and U need photo ID card for internel travel in your country

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