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Do airports scan your checked baggage?

I know the bag you travel on the plane with will be scanned, however when you put your main bag on the scales to be weighed, then it gets taken away on the conveyor belt to the guys that load it on the plane, dos it get scanned at any point?

How do they know you havnt not put a bomb on it?

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All baggage are subjected to inspection most commonly by X-ray when baggages are taken by the conveyor belt.

Some airports if they suspect a baggage has things not supposed to be there. A Security officer checks the bag manually.

Yes all airports check your baggages. But there is still a difference in protocol/procedure within airports

All baggage that you take to the airport when you travel is subject to search and scanning under US Law. the bags that you carry on will be scanned at the security station in the terminal and if something suspicious is sighted subject to a physical search.

The stowed bag is scanned and searched and the airlines have the right to force the bag open to do that search , That explains why you are requested not to lock your bag closed .

These laws were added after Sept 11, 2001 for air safety.

yep, all bags are x-rayed.

i know that In Japan and when I was flying with Japan Airlines to Japan from Australia, they X-rayed my check in bags before the actual check in and then they put a security seal on my bag. When I got to the arriving airport, i found they seal broken but that was nothing, probobly customs just checking that im not trying to bring anything illegal into the country.

everything is x-rayed

Yes they scan it and sometimes they go through it. I have had mine gone through before because they left a note inside that said my bag had been checked or something like that. So..... yes they do check.

Yeah, for security reasons

EVERYTHING gets scanned.

All luggage is x-rayed before it is loaded on the plane.

airports put all luggage through a scan. we just had one in montreal, checked bag, when we got it on other end the strap was gone and padlock was cut off. nothing missing but obvious it was checked after scanning

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