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Lilly K

Do children under 18 need a I.D. to board a plane?

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ok all the yes's and no's confused me so I called and they said anyone under 18 does not need an I.D. to fly inside the usa.

Thanx everyone.

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yes. and I work for an airline

natalie rose
I work at the airport and I am the person who asks for the boarding pass and ID. If it is international, to "check in" they will need a birth certificate and/or passport.
To get through security, just the parents and the boarding pass.
To board the plane, just the boarding pass.

For Domestic Travel, no Id or birth certificate is required just an adult present, if the child is alone they will need an unaccompanied minor escort, it is an extra fee but only needed if the child is under 14.

Keep in mind that starting January 1st 2007 ALL INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT!

Passports take about 6-8 weeks to arrive in the mail.
Adult passports last 10 years and cost 90-150 dollars depending on how fast you want them delivered
Childrens Passports (under 18) last only 5 years and are about 10-20 less expensive.

no unless like fifteen and up if you have a drivers license or a learners then you can use it

my 10 year old has not needed one, but I had to show mine to get him on the plane.

YES! You will need ID for your child. Bring a copy of the birth certificate or a passport! (Good idea to get one for him...get one.)

ALSO, if you are married (or maybe even if not), you will need a permission slip from his father saying that he knows of your taking your son on this trip and grants you permission.

I learned all this travelling with my son since he was three months and now is 13 yrs. old.
Good luck and have fun!

Everyone boarding a plane needs to be identified. Some identification requirements, however, can vary based on where you are going. Call the airline and ask what ID you will need for children. For young children, the ID documentation of the parent MAY suffice, but for teenagers, they may need their own in the form of passport or drivers license and birth certificate (if you have your passport, you won't need the birth certificate and possibly not the drivers license, or "non drivers identification" that most states can issue for non-driving teenagers or adults).

and by the end of this year, EVERYONE will need a passport to travel even to Canada.


Dr. James, PhD
No they don't if they are travelling with their parent. We just had to get the answer to this when we travelled last month on Continental.

tuna man
every one needs an ID to board a plane - its called a passport.

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