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Do planes normally fly in snow storms and windy conditions?

I am not familiar with airline policies about flying in snow. Ia m from FL and don't fly much.

Do planes normally fly when it is snowing? What about 28 mile per hour winds?

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Yes, all the time.

But it depends on visibility, snow accumulation, and wind direction.

A 28MPH crosswind is usually a concern, but they can still land. A 28MPH headwind is perfect.

Visibility has to get greater than 1/2 mile. And ATC gives the call for the accumulation on the active runway(s).

-Flight Attendant

mehdi b
Any airplane has a booklet in which it is described that this airplane can fly in what kind of weather. It is leveled from safe up to dangerous. So it depends on the pilot's decision even fly or not. And if the risk is high always the pilot cancel the flight.
28 MPH wind is not dangerous for wide body A/C. For medium is risk for small is dangerous. Of course if the wind blows opposite it is good for Take off bad for Landing but there is a limit. and vice versa.

It depends on how much snow and wind. It usually takes a pretty big storm to ground a plane.

Yes, they fly through snow and they also use the jet stream to get to their destination faster, which is around 100km winds. I think the reason other people had said no is because they are thinking of an airplane when it is landing. But 28 mile hour winds will not stop an airplane from landing, he will land on a runway that allows him to fly into the wind, which will reduce his landing roll. Im sure many pilots on here will tell you that they have landed with 30knot winds before. The only thing that stops an airplane from landing while it is snowing is the visibility, if he cant see the runway at 300feet above it, he will go around and try another landing. Some runways support 100ft, depends on the equipment at the airport. If airplanes cant fly though snow, then wouldnt you think it would be really hard to find a seat on an airplane in the winter?

Airplanes fly ABOVE most of the weather we see down here. Landing and take-off are more affected by snow and wind, but commercial airplanes can handle all but the most extreme conditions. Icing conditions pose a danger, but there are ways to deal with that as well. Naturally a storm that leaves a foot of snow on runways makes it impossible for planes to land and take off until it has been cleared away.

It just depends. They do frequently, but it is not uncommen for them to be delayed either.

Most Airports can handle small amounts of snow wither any problems. High winds are more likely to delay or cancel your flight then small amounts of snow are.

But in general planes fly in these conditions all the time.

nope, they normally don't if it a huge snowstorm/blizzard, and I'm not sure how fast 28mph winds are, but if its really fast, then no they don't fly. This is to prevent crashes, or to prevent loss of communication with the Comm. Tower.

he who dares

28mph winds are not enough to ground most planes although some of the smaller regional jets might wait out the weather. If it is low-level wind (where the wind is very strong close to the ground) there's a greater chance for cancellation. As for snow, it really depends on how much snow you get. There has to be a lot of snow for them to shut down the airport. In weather like what you describe, there will be a lot of delays but maybe not so many cancellations.

probally not. It is dangerous

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