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Do they serve food on the plane no matter what time it is?

My plane departs at 1am, will they give us food?

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alex p
my answer yes you will, they give food no matter what time it is..

Depending on the airline, but most airlines give snacks after takeoff and before landing. They serve regular meals at regular times, based on the time difference and Length of flight these also differ greatly.

For example: If you fly from Tokyo to London (approx. 14 hours) expect at least 2 full meals and snacks in between. Plus you can request light snacks (peanuts etc) and drinks at almost any time except take off and just prior to landing.

The other obvious consideration is which class you are in:
Economy: as stated above
Business: Much more flexible, will probably serve almost any time if you say you're hungry
First: Will prepare a range of dishes at your request almost anytime (except take off and just prior to landing, for safety reasons).

In your case, you may get a light snack after the plane levels out on it's flight plan, and if you are still in the air, breakfast around 7am ish.

Tanja R
No, Bring your own. Also they put a meal on the ticket, (if you are going to get one.) They use to give out peanuts/ snack mix but now with rising costs you have to pay for drinks(soda) or snack mix/peanuts.

Gerald J
It would help if you said where you're flying from and where you're going. On most long-haul international flights you will be served shortly after take-off even on very late flights like yours. I regularly fly a 1:00 am flight to Asia, and the airline I fly knows that everyone is tired and wants to sleep, they serve the meal as quickly as they can after take-off so everyone that wants to sleep can. On the flights to Asia they also serve a meal an hour or so before landing. You can always call your airline and ask.

Of course, they will serve you..once on board they will serve light meal if you're on a short haul flight of less than 2 hrs. If it's a 6 hr flight you can expect 2 meals 3 hrs apart.

However if you're on a budget flight you need to purchase your food...

Roughly, if your flight is about 4 hours or less, you may get a small pack of snacks and a small beverage. Eat something before boarding is the best advice. Some airlines are beginning to forego the snack due to budget cuts and fuel costs. Also, you will not be able to bring water from home. The only water you are allowed to bring onboard is the bottle that you buy after going through the security checkpoint.

in air france, one time i was very angry during a night fly, the fly attendant was really nice and give me an entire meal !!

they never serve food on a plane - unless you are in first class.

no they would onlii give it for breakfast,lunch and dinner but they will give u a snack

look on the bright side
Good question, very good actuly i have only been on a plane once so i have no idea?

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