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Do they serve you alcohol during early morning flights?

I always drink when I fly (only 1 drink of course) but usually the flight is in the afternoon. My next flight is at 6:00am in the morning, so I was wondering if anyone has every drank on an early morning flight and do they even offer it. It's only a three hour flight, but I'd like to have a glass of wine.

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Yes they do.
An early morning flight for one person may be a late night flight for the person sitting next the them, they may have worked all night. Passengers are so mixed and airlines try to cater to all of them if possible.

Hayz's Peach - أماندا & حسن
Yes, it doesn't matter the time of the flight because it could be someones "night" even through its 6am local time.

julie travelcaster
Yes, I fly every Monday at 6 AM. (ouch!) and they always offer drinks. I don't generally drink on flights, and I rarely have seen anyone take them up on it, but it is available.

Airlines make alot of money selling rip-off beverages, so you bet they sell alcohol if the plane is flying!

Adoptive Father
I have seen people drink Bloody Mary's on six am flights to Las Vegas. On the other hand, if it a Monday morning flight from Chicago to New York full of businessmen, they might not even have alcohol on board. I think it is entirely possible, but would not count on it.

Yes, I have had a red-eye on a red-eye flight. I have never seen anyone drink wine on an early morning flight, but "eye-opener" type drinks are par for the course.

YUP! you bet! I always have a beer. 6am or 6 pm doesn't matter

boy i hope so!! you can bring single shots as long as they're in a ziplock bag just in case.

youll proablt need to ask the flight attendant for one hope u get ur drink and have fun on ur trip later

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