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Do you have to pay for babies when you fly?

Im going to be travelling with twin boys who will be 10 months when the time comes. When I go to book the ticket they charge me an extra $100 per baby? I traveled with a baby before and he was free? I kept him on my lap and put him in the little cot they give you. Have things changed? Is the $100 if I want an actual SEAT for them, or just for bringing them on the plane?

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For infants (under the age of 2) you have an option of holding then in your lap or purchasing their own seats.

If you are going to hold them on your lap on a dometic flight, the infant usually fly for free. However, if you are on an international flight, they usually charge you a fee even if you hold the infant on your lap. I understand that the fee differs according to the airline so you would need to check with the airline you are flying.

If you purchase a seat for the infant, you will need to pay, but you usually get a special infant fare. This again seems to differ according to the airline, so check with them on the specifics.

Finally, one other thing...
Are you going to be the only adult traveling with your two infants?

Because, if you are, airlines only allow each traveler (over the age of 12) to hold ONE infant throughout the flight. So if you are the only adult, you will need to purchase a seat for atleast one of your twin boys.

Have a good trip.

You can only travel and hold one infant the other will have to be in a car seat.(approved for airline travel) or another adult traveling with you will have to hold it.

The safest place for a child while flying is in a carseat.

When taking off the aircraft is traveling well over 100 m.p.h. if there is a sudden stop or an impact you will NEVER be able to hold on to the child in your lap. They will become a human projectile and heaven only knows where they will end up.

During the flight if there is turbulence the same danger exists - your child can fly into the air and impact the ceiling of the aircraft and die - not just get injured but die. Airplanes fly at 400 - 500 m.p.h. Why put your child's life in danger by not securing them?

By not buying a ticket for your child while traveling - even if it is $100 - you are putting a price on your child's life if you wlill not pay $100 dollars for their seat then their life is not worth $100.

It is a gamble every time a parent travels with their child in their lap - certainly not a gamble I would take, but one many people take every flight.

Think of all the things you buy that you really don't need that could buy the tickets - c.d.'s, cigarettes, alcohol, another pair of shoes, a purse... put it into perspective and protect the children.

Lastly - your children are more comfortable and content in their carseats - and YOU will be too. Practice sitting at home for an hour or two and make your child sit on your lap for the entire time - how happy are you both at the end of the time period? Not very I'll venture to guess.

** Regarding the person who recommended the belt that hooks onto your seat belt that is extremely unsafe - if the child is attached to you and you are thrown forward you will crush your child because there is nowhere for them to go when attached to the front of you.

Most airlines have infant fares and check the special internet fares sometimes they are cheaper. You do not have to book the child as an infant.

Truly - if you attempt this without putting them in a seat it will be a miserable experience for your family and all the passengers around you. Most of them have paid a nice bit of money to travel and really do not want someone's child crawling on them. Although that seems harsh it is a reality.

Depends where you are traveling to. If you travel internationally you have to pay for infants. Also even domestic flights normally only allow one infant free per paying adult and they do have to sit on your lap. If you want a seat it is extra.

I believe they have to be put in a car seat and placed in their own seat on the plane now. So they charge for that extra seat.

Paul McDonald
You may not have to pay, but the rest of the passengers will!

My goodness, 10 months is way, way, way too young to be on an airplane! Their ears are very sensitive, the changes in air pressures, the noise, the confinement?

And where are you going to put both of them? They won't both fit on your lap!

And what's this talk of a "little cot" that they give you? I've been traveling for years and I've not only never seen a little "cot" to put a toddler on, but I don't even know where on the plane there would be room for such a thing!

Please don't try to travel with two 10-month-old children on an airplane, you'll only be hurting them and scaring them (plus annoying all the passengers).

They shouldn't charge you for a 10 months old baby. Please check again with your airline as the charge must have been for something else. Children travelling as infants are free of charge.

mazo m
if he or she has 6 or up to must pay when you fly and also it rutern to the fly company

? BlueEyedCuvyMami ?
If your child was 2 and over yes but 2 and under fly for free. I traveled with my daughter and i had her in a hip sitter thing so i could carry her easily they let me use that til we got seated than they made me take it 2 and under fly for free

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