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Angie L

Do you need special papers to go thru airport metal detectors if you have metal in your body?

I recently had spinal fusion surgery, and I have titanium rods and screws as well as a batery pack implanted in my back---never to be removed. When going thru an airport, I will surely set off the metal detector. Will I always have to give explanation of my hardware, or is there some kind of paper the doctor gives you? Whats the deal?
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Where does one get these "implant" cards? Is this something that the doctor gives out, or is it an airport thing???

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Dr Love
Yeah. You should get some kind of letter or a card which indicate about your situation. I would also recommend you talk to an airline agent at the counter and TSA agent before you form a line. Give yourself plenty of time since they may make you go through detailed screening.

Titanium is not dense enough to be picked up on a metal detector. You can always opt out and be hand searched, but you may want to bring a dr's note.

Your doctor should give you a document that states that you have metal in your back. My mother recently had both her knees replaced and the doctor gave her a card for just that reason when traveling.

I think the best person to ask this question to would be your doctor. He/she should know the details, and what is or isn't required.

Have fun travelling!

Titanium is a type of metal, but it wont set off the alarm. Whats in it is close, but its not like you have a robot part in your body!? Good luck and God Bless! :)

I have titanium knee replacements and they often do set off the alarms. I just explain, and they wand me. No problem. Since yours in in your spine, you might want a note from the doctor...or an official "implant' avoid a more personal type of search.

I would get something from your doctor just in case. That way you aren't held up by a super sensitive detector and some of them are.

umm yeah..
Although doctors give out papers for your hardware. Just Inform the TSA of your hardware. and you will be screened to make sure you have nothing else on you that is prohibited.

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