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Shawn M

Do you think airplanes are a good and safe way to travel?

I am flying to New York to Lousiana in July I just like to hear your opinion.

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Absolutely! It's fast and very safe. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the odds of you getting killed in a car wreck FAR exceed the odds of you getting in a plain crash. It's a much safer way to travel, so don't worry about a thing =).

kollapureddy m
Nothing special just like Train and Bud. If some one are unlucky unsafe is everywhere. And If some one are fun one, Its fun everywhere. SO ultimately Its state of mind. Enjoy the journey.

Yes, they are both a good and safe way to travel, particularly for long distances such as New York to Louisiana.

we had a car accident lately, it was terrible.
we die only once,i will not be afraid of any.go on,it depends on fate
tu es peureux!

David T
well yes but it depends on how you look at it.

Deaths per billion journeys
Bus: 4.3
Rail: 20
Van: 20
Car: 40
Foot: 40
Water: 90
Air: 117
Bicycle: 170
Motorcycle: 1640

Deaths per billion hours
Bus: 11.1
Rail: 30
Air: 30.8
Water: 50
Van: 60
Car: 130
Foot: 220
Bicycle: 550
Motorcycle: 4840

Deaths per billion kilometres
Air: 0.05
Bus: 0.4
Rail: 0.6
Van: 1.2
Water: 2.6
Car: 3.1
Bicycle: 44.6
Foot: 54.2
Motorcycle: 108.9

I do think that airplanes are a very convienent and safe way to travel. Though you'll get someplace faster of course there are the minor annoyances like long lines, getting there ahead of time, intense security, checking bags, what you can and can not carry on... and then there is the expense! But airplanes are VERY safe. On average, someone has a 1 in 11 million chance of being killed in a plane crash v. a 1 in 5000 chance of being killed in a car accident. So is a good way to travel? You decide. I would be perfectly happy to put up the money and fly from NY to Lousiana. Safe? Definitely.

I'm assuming you have already bought tickets, but if not, get on that as soon as possible to save yourself the expense. Tickets are usually far cheaper ahead of time.

Have a nice trip!

ms bell
I think travelling by airplane is an excellent way to travel and extremely safe. Airplanes are checked out by mechanics before they fly and the airline staff is highly trained to handle all emergencies. Airplanes are built to withstand various hazards. Cars are the most dangerous way to travel.

yes there are proven to be the safest mode of transport

Give Blood
I have traveled on hundreds of airplanes in my lifetime and never had any problems. Their comfort level is getting worse for someone who is tall but it is still the fastest way to get a long distance. Just do your research about the times to get to the airport before a flight and pay attention to what you are allowed to bring. If you will have a large amount of luggage send it ahead via UPS or other air carrier so there will be no bother. Enjoy your trip!

I'm a girl.
i dont like the cabin pressure, but as long as i sleep through the flight it's no big deal. i've flown so many times ive pretty much gotten used to it.

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