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During plane take off and landing, why seats up and window shades open?

I'm curious why seats need to be up straight, tables folded back up and window shades open during take off and landing.

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Yo dawg
less stuff to worry about. with a table down, it will rattle and be unsafe during takeoff, I haven't heard about the window shades though, where did you hear that?

Seats are up to protect you in the event of a crash. The seatbelt holds you tight to the seat. The upright seat will help protect your head and neck. Tray tables are secured & locked to also help protect you in the event of a crash. I have no idea on the window shades.

Hi, there - my partner is cabin crew and I'm always annoying her with questions like this. As you'd expect, there is a safety reason. Most of the 'incidents' occur during take off and landing, especially take off. Having your seat upright gives the person behind you more room to move should they need to escape quickly; also, if the captain instructs you to adopt the brace position (bend forward, head over hands), you'll find this much harder if the seat in front of you is taking up your safety space. Having the shades up helps crew and passengers spot incidents outside of the plane during the crucial take-off/landing - like a stuck flap or engine smoke; all useful for quick reporting or if you are about to escape. At night, you'll also have the cabin lights dimmed so that your eyes are acclimatised to the external light level (so you can see through the window!). Another question on this line is 'why should i fasten my seatbelt when cruising and why do I need to stay in my seat until the engines are off - I've seen a person 'jump' out of their seat when the plane 'drops' through an air pocket whilst cruising (not uncommon); I've also seen passengers who rush to get bags out of lockers once the plane has landed, be thrown down the aisle when the plane suddenly has to brake or accelerate. Hope that helps.

Well the truth is when flying. Taking off and landing are the most dangerous parts of flight. If your table is in the down position and the plane encounters an emergency while on approach. The hostess will guide you through the emergency landing procedures. This usually entails. "Please remain calm, and carefully put your seat in the upright position, and put your table tray away. Place your head between your knees". Now if your table tray was down you could not place your head between your knees it be in the way and kill you on impact. The seat must be right up because it will protect you from crashing into other people it acts sort of like a barrier in a hopeless emergency. The window shades I have no Idea why they must be up. To get the best answer ask the FAA they could tell you the real reason. Good Luck

As other posters have noted, takeoff and landing are the most dangerous parts of a flight. If there is going to be a crash, chances are it will happen during takeoff and landing and not while cruising. Requests for seats up and tables in and shades open are all so you can evacuate more quickly in an emergency. Tray tables left down will definitely get in your way while you try to evacuate. Panicking passengers may not be able to easily close the tray tables, and having to close them or having them block your exit will slow down evacuation. Seat backs up give the most space between seats and allow for fastest exit, too. Shades are up for a couple of reasons. Evacuating passengers can look out the window to make sure their exit is clear before trying to evacuate; otherwise they might not know there is fire and debris out that exit. You can imagine a plane full of panicking passengers trying to turn around in the middle of an evacuation. More people would die in the scramble to change direction and get out! Also if it is dark or very bright outside, your eyes will adjust to the lighting if the shades are open and cabin lights off; even if it saves you two seconds getting out, that may be the difference. Along the same lines, that's why portable electronics and all carry-on items need to be stowed for takeoff and landing: so they won't fly from your hand and either strike someone and hurt them, or end up on the floor where people can trip on them. Imagine trying to evacuate a plane and getting your feet tangled in a dozen sets of iPod earbuds!

seats up should be due to safety aspect wheras shades open ...haha those stewardess are just too lazy to do we have to do the dirty jobs

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