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Flying with Matricula (Mexican consulate card) as ID?

Has anyone tried to fly with this ID and no state ID? Is there risk at the airport of being deported? If you have a wrong ID or no ID will they question you and deport you? Or will they just not let you on the plane and let you go home?

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they probably just won't let you get on the plane. Or they may let you get on the plane, but when you try to get back they may not let you in because they may not consider that proper ID, but if they let you fly with it in the first place they may let you slide. Who's to say? what are you willing to risk? Good Luck

Since that form of ID is illegal in the US, I'm pretty sure you won't be allowed on the plane. I did read online that they would not deport you-there's no way to prove it's real, they would probably just turn you away.....

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