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How do I change the date of my return flight?

I booked a return journey with British Airways and I was really sure that I'd return on an exact date, so I didn't book an open return...My sister could be giving birth earlier than expected so I may have to change my return flight.
Do I have to find a BA office to do it? I haven't seen any in Nottingham (?)

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Fiona I
I depends where you booked it.
If you booked it through a travel agent you'll need to phone them. They'll usually charge £50 BA charge, and then their £50 charge on top.
Or you could avoid the travel agent charge, and phone BA rapport : 0870 850 9 850
but if you did buy through a travel agent they might refuse to speak to you, and you'll HAVE to go through you agent.
But either way you usually don't have to turn up in person.

ring them up and find out if its possible - it might not be worth it as you may have to buy another ticket entriely.

Call the toll free number for British airlines and ask them what to do.. More then likely you´ll have to speak with them or go to a local travel agency ( unless you bought the ticket online, then you have to call that company direct).. there may be a fee.. ( I´m not sure how much).. But just call them , the sooner the better...

Good Luck & Take Care...

Bcn_mimosa from Barcelona, Spain

Jack Dawson
call the reservation center and ask them to change it. easy :)

Call BA reservations (if you are in the UK, the number is 0870 850 9850) to make the change. You will probably need to pay a change penalty (could be anywhere from $50 to $200) plus possibly an increase in airfare! If you do have to pay to make the change, you will need to have a credit card in order to do it through BA reservations. Failing that, you will need to go to a BA office (reservations will be able to tell you where the closest office is).

If you are not in the UK, go to the BA website to find their local contact numbers:

R.F.C No 1 !!!
No need, just get high on drugs and fly yourself home.

Air Travel XPERT!
Either ring their Manchester base or go on

google it...

old know all
If you booked on line, you can change it on line. If you booked by phone or at a BA ticket desk, you can change it by phone. If you booked through a travel agent, you need to phone them.

Call BA reservations but it will depend on the type of ticket you have as to if they will allowe you to change it. You could just take the ticket into a Travel Agents near you and they will be able to help

Writers cramp
fly back on another day

you can change it but it will COST you believe me £200 or so Virgin did it to me from Las Vegas

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