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How do I know if my flight is delayed or cancelled before I get to the airport?

This is my first time flying by myself, and I've never really flown during this season, so I'm not really sure how it works. I'm in the northeast, where it's been snowing/raining all day, and it's supposed to keep going all day, and my flight is scheduled for later this afternoon. I tried to check the airport's website, and they didn't say anything about any delays or cancellations. How will I know if the flight is delayed or cancelled? Should I just go to the airport as if the flight was going to be on time?


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The only cancellation, so far today, at North East airports has been an EasyJet flight to Paris. But you obviously weren't due to be on that as it would have left in 15 minutes time.
You don't say which North East airport you are flying from but I've attached the departure information for 3 of them -

Edit - In view of your additon, you had better ignore my answer. Hope you got away OK though.

You can check flight status either by calling the airline directly or by going to their website and checking the information for your particular flight -- most, if not all, airlines have a place on their website where you can get flight status for any individual flight operated by that airline. You should plan, however, on getting to the airport for your originally scheduled departure time, even if the airline says that the flight has been delayed.

You can either go on the airline's website or call them to find out. For most airlines nowadays you can sign up for flight advice, they will send you a text message or call your cell phone as soon as there is a change in flight time or status. Go to your airline's website and sign up.

Many airlines have a link where you can check the status of the day's flights to see if they are delayed or cancelled. You just enter your flight number and get the information. Many airports do as well, but it sounds like you've checked there already.

Check your airlines website and click "check flight status"

Have a nice trip!

Yes, you should go to the airport, but try to get their earlier than you normally would. Good Luck!

Brian S
You can't until you get there!

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