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lindsey p

How long before check in should you arrive at airport?

flying from gatwick to florida my confirmation says i should check in at 8.00am heard stories of check in lines being massive for florida so anyone with experience? as its our first time flying, do i have to have got to the desk by 8am or just in the queue? flights not till 10 but i dont want anythin going wrong lol

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Theres online check-in systems these days, and a whole list of other ways that gives you a little bit of flexibility. Now, if you plan to check-in the traditional way, be there in the 3 hour - 2.5 hour before flight time frame. Most airlines open the check-in counter 3 hours prior, very rarely earlier, so you probably won't want to arrive earlier than this. Keep in mind that the later you arrive, the longer the line-up. If you flight is at 10, i would arrive at 7 personally, just so i dont have to get through the line-up hassle, but 7:30 - 8:00 is fine. If your flying from gatwick, don't go later than 8:00, otherwise you will experience headaches.

I guess check in willl open at 8am best to get there early so you can find out where youy are supposed to be -
Enjoy your flight

country boy
the earlier the better,,, once your booked in you can relax have a bite to eat or a drink,,, browse the shops etc

asap because you have more chances of sitting with your family oh by we way 3 hours

for intrenational check in i would do three hours before but of course i am from atlanta were it is pretty much unpredictable.

There are more security checks to go through now so takes longer, queues also long, you should be there at least 3 hours before your flight time.
Other alternative is to stay at Gatwick the night before and check in, you then only need to there 1 or so hour before flight, less stress and hassle free! I
Have a good holiday!

About two to three hours before the flight is due to leave.

Lucky Man.
I would be there at 07.30 to wait on check.There is a bar in the airport which is open..

You should arrive at least 2 hours prior to your flight time. You can never be sure of how many other poeple are going to be ahead of you, or how long the security check process will be. Better safe than sorry!

jb fortune
u have to be at the airport for check-in process at least 2 hours before your departure time .. usually its stated in your flight itinerary

loopy loo
as long as luggage is checked in about 30 mins before flight is due to leave you should be ok. if your worried, just turn up 30 mins earlier, at 7.30

Thumbs up
Best to be there 2 hours before take-off.....cant be too early getting to an airport. Its just when you think that youve left home in good time that something holds you up....

I would say at least two hours, seems a long time but been at airport long before that time and found people already queueing.

i would get there for about 7.00

Did you know you can now check in online

john m
I thought long haul was a three hour check in.

Any time i have flown abroad i have been told to arrive anywhere between 2 and 3 hrs depending who i am flying with. But it should tell you on your tickets.

Hi,if you can get there a bit earlier than 8.Once you check in you can relax.Have a lovely holiday.

Paul Ding
You should arrive 3 to 5 days early.

Before you leave for the airport, though, you should schedule 6 weeks of appointments with a therapist, so you can figure out why you are subjecting yourself to airports and airlines. Psychiatry is evolving, and they may be able to help you avoid such self-abuse,.

Ginny Jin
Two hours will be fine xox

Edit - Thumbs down. I've travelled extensively and never had a problem.

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