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How many pounds of luggage can you bring on an airplane?

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to hawaii it's 75 lbs.

Kathy F
Most air lines standard is two check in bags and two carry ons. The check in bags you are allowed 50 pounds each, if it's any more than that they charge you extra.

Every airline has assinged a different weight limit...

it may differ from country to country. it is 10kg in Turkiye.
You can make online reservation. Check if the site has mark of protection againts any hacker or ability the information to be stolen.

Depends upon the airline, the route, and the booking class of the fare. It generally varies from a single 15 kilo (33 lb) bag on some of the discount airlines in Europe, to 3 or 4 70 lb bags flying business or first class internationally.

Check with the airline, or just hit their website. They all post their policies.

160 lbs

Donovan G
Most airlines only allow 50lbs. to be CHECKED. Carry-On luggage must fit into the sample bins at the airport. You can locate them near the check in counter. Place your luggage in there. If it fits, it fine. If it doesn't fit, it must be checked! The TSA does have limitations on weight due to the fact that it must be x-rayed if it goes on-board the aircraft.

You need to check with the individual airline about their maximum weight. I fly to Japan often and they have different rules on different airlines about what you can carry on board and what you can check and how heavy they can be. Below is a link to United Airlines and American Airlines. Other airlines have different rules. Below those links are links to other major airlines. You can check them and find the similar links for baggage. I am sorry this is not a simple answer, but there is no simple answer.

it depends on the class

20 kilogram for economy

30 kilogram for bussiness

40 kilogram for first

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