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How many xanax should I take for a 2.5 hour flight?

I have anxiety when I fly so my doctor prescribed me with xanax. How much should I take for a 2.5 hour flight? Can I drink alcohol to help stimulate or is that a bad idea? The doctor gave me .25 mg. Any advice would be helpful!

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at the very most I would say 1mg worth (4 .25mg xanax tabs), as I used to take 1mg of xanax, and I weighted 110 pounds and was 16 and it made me feel relaxed. I wouldn't drink alcohol with it thoe, as thats a bad idea, as its harder to know how much to take to reach a decent amount of sedative in you, without being over sedative, with the alcohol.

i would take the recommended dosage

A noob who never hears
Ignore recommended dosage and take all of tablets before security checks. And don't take water and chew on them.

Take the number that your doctor prescribed.

howsbouthat .
it all depends on how many you normally take a day but what ever you do don't drink with them specially on a flight cause they might think you had one to many to drink but anyways back to the ? 4x .25mg cause that equals a half of bar which is 2mg and a half a bar which is four of your .25mg will make you pretty relaxed and able to still be alert no drinks lol good luck

Do what the doctor prescribed, and DO NOT drink alcohol.

If you get so out of it, that the flight crew feels you will be unable to respond in an emergency, they will have to divert the plane for medical reasons, and put you off.

Gerald J
It's hard to say, everyone is affected differently by drugs like Xanax. .25 is probably enough for a 2.5 hr. flight otherwise you may be very sedated when you arrive at your destination. Alcohol will enhance the effects of the drug and can be dangerous and is not recommended. You might want to try a pill a few days before your flight to see how it affects you.

Ashley, check with your pharmacist. They are experts on this and are easier to get in touch with than most MD's.

I don't thing that you should drink alcohol and take xanax, too. You can ask the pharmacist about this, too.


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