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How much weight can your luggage be going on a plane?

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Oh no!
It is marked on your ticket and depends on the airline. Usually 20kgs (for domestic or low fare international) or 30kgs (for international)

As most people say it depends.
Firstly on where you are going
Secondly on your class of service.

If you are travelling to The USA/Carribean/Nigeria or anywhere else in the world VIA on of these destinations you are travelling on what is known as the piece system That means in Economy you can take Two Pieces of luggage each one not exceeding 23-25kg (depending on the airline) in Business or First it increases to Three pieces. NOTE, if you take three bags irrelevent to the weight wether they each way 23kg or 5kg, you WILL be charged for the third (or 4th if in business) piece.

Travel anywhere else in the world (not via one of the above) the allowance is between 20-25kg Maximum. This however can be all in one bag of spread of 50bags, the amount is not important only the total weight.
If you exceed this you will be charged per kilo over. The price of this varies from destination to destination (not airline to airline) the excess charges are set by IATA (international air transport association) and is quite strict. The actually charge is 1.5% of a price of a full fare economy ticket. no more, no less. (except if going to asutralia from europe, which is at 1%, why? who knows, ask IATA)
For example london to j'burg £32.60
London to Hong Kong £37.90
London to Dubai £19.90 etc...etc...

PLS NOTE when travelling from UK your bag cannot exceed 32kg under any circumstances, this is non negotialble due to insurance purposes (were talking personal liability of the guys who lift/carry these bags)

may sound long winded and technical but this is what i do for a living. Sad i know. Enjoy your trip.

on Delta it's 50 lbs.; I would check w/ the airline's website;

your ticket will say, but usually 20kg and 5kg for hand luggage, have a good holiday x

Usually 20kg per person in UK. Any case weighing over 23kg gets a "danger, heavy case" label on it.

For most airlines it is 50 lbs. The fee for "overweight" luggage varies among the different airlines.

It depends on the airline, route and class you are flying. Typically, hold luggage limits will range from 20kg to 32kg and hand luggage will be 5kg. The ticket should specify the weight you can take, alternatively speak to the airline/travel agent. If you can't be bothered with either, assume 20kg for hold luggage and 5kg for hand.

I just traveled on northwest and it was 40 lbs for carry on and 50 lbs for each checked bag.

my son just went to london from united states and his bags could not be over 51 pounds.

jackie r
its 32kg per suitcase.

Laura J
20kg in the hold. 5kg hand luggage. Check with the airline tho as their spec may be different.

I just came back from CA and GA, and it was 50 lbs total. They charge you a minimum of $25 for anything over that. It is not hard to go over anymore either, since things that we used to carry on, we now must pack in our check-on bags.

50 pounds?

Depends on the airline. They dont check the weight of the carry-on luggage but the checked bags, its usually under 50lbs...anything over is extra. Some allow two checked bags at 50lbs or 2 at a total of 50...they are all different....Also, if you happen to be extremely large, you are STILL allowed an extra 50 lbs! If you weigh one third of the fat person next to you, you are not allowed any extra weight in your luggage...makes sense right? NOT!

Depends on the airline company, normally it is around 22 -23 kilos.
You will normally get away with the odd kilo.

In reality, there is no limit - provided you are prepared to pay for it..

In Economy Class, with most airlines your baggage allowance will be around 20-25 kilos, however some low-cost airlines such as Ryanair have an allowance of 15 kilos. Any excess above these amounts is then charged by kilo.

In Business / First Class these allowances are around 30 kilos.

However, for nearly all airlines, the maximum amount of each bag must not exceed 32 kilos.

Hope this helps.

Tor P
it depends on the flight you are travelling with generally it is about 30 kgs bit it can go up or down depending on the sevice eg 1 st class/ economy, or company easyjet to virgin atlantic

Depends on the plane.;_ylt=Am3057pTpfKXqGCDQFTDn7_sy6IX?qid=20061003044054AAR0iuf

Check the website of whichever airline you are flying. They will have that info posted. Usually it's under 'travel tips' or 'regulations'.

depends on carrier some are 15kilo and others are 20kilos but for a small charge you can take up to 25 likos

20 kg i think...

crazy titch
im going to portugal in december with british airways and the limit is 23 kilos.

yiannis the greek
some airlines have 20 kg+5kg hand lug.
some they have 15 kg and 10 kg hand lug.
i think overseas flights have 25 kg you have to check with each one.

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