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How old do you have to be to fly alone without parents?

I'll be flying to switzerland from U.S. without my parents. I have flone a lot and so am I old enough to fly without a any help from flight attendants? I'll be 16.
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I know it depends on the airline, so what about US aurways or delta? Or swiss?

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At 16 any airline will let you fly alone. However, to travel internationally, you need a passport and a letter of permission signed by both parents and notarized. You can always call the airline to confirm their age requirement if you like. On 2nd site below, scroll down to bottom of page. Many foreign countries require minors to have this letter.

Yes, definitely. I flew from US to Brazil by myself when I was 15 without a problem. As a matter of fact, they told me that I was too old to be escorted by flight attendants. :)

Do NOT ever travel alone to a foreign country,
if you are a single female. <}:-})

well delta its 15 and US im not sure

well me and my brother are both under 16 and we have to travel from USA to Europe each year. We always fly with US airways but sadly not alone. My parents have to pay for a flight stewardess to escort us or fly with a person over 21(i am not sure if its over 16 or 18 or even 21) who has LEGAL permission from both of my parents. All of this is because we have to make a connection in Europe and then continue to a country that is still in Europe but there isn't a direct flight. As a matter fact I am flying on the 14th.

Enjoy Switzerland and have fun!

Theresa M
My husband had a cousin who flew alone at a very young age they made sure he got on and the airport stewarts made sure he got to the other flight and he did it for yrs,...He was around 8

15 nationally
i think its 16 internationally

i think its 12, so im sure your fine. i traveled to france by myself tons of times last year, and im 16.

Kyla G
it really depends on what kind of person you are. But I think, since your 16 you can go to Switzerland by yourself.

I flew to Arizona at age 16 and that's the limit for travlin in the country so im sure your old enough to fly out of this place.

hi, i think it may be based on hours more so than age. paulie

I was 6 when I flew alone ask the air lines that was the 80's when I flew alone.

Cait G
Well i live in the UK but my brother has flowen by himself when he was 11 but had help from flight attendants and he was staying inside the UK to go see his dad!

im pretty sure you can be any age because when my sister was about 11 or 12 (even younger then that) she flew from vegas to michigan at least once a year.

My oldest has been flying alone since he was 8, but it all depends on the airline what the unaccompanied minor regulations are. At 16, you should have no trouble flying without your parents so long as you have the proper identification and permissions, and they may not have to pay the unaccompanied minor charge for you depending on what airline you take. It's best to check with the company well in advance though in case the fees and regulations are too high to warrant the cost.

You are flying alone to switzerland to do what? meet up with family? go to school? vacation alone? going with a school group?

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